The NEO GEO World Tour

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What is it? The NEO GEO World Tour is a global tournament where the winners of each region will win a flight¬†to Hong Kong for a final tournament! There are in fact TWO seasons (at least), which means two chances to win a flight to Hong Kong; the first stop…

Review: Metal Slug 3 Comes to Steam

Run and Gun games have always been a huge hit in arcades and classic consoles. Contra held the title of king of run and guns until Nazca released the original Metal Slug in arcades. While Metal Slug didn’t do much to change the genre, they did turn a genre that…

Neo-Geo 20th Anniversary

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The question is, what exactly are they going to do to celebrate?? SNK is SNK Playmore and the Neo-geo has ceased production… Credit = Kusogaki /

Bookshelf Neo-geo arcades

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Pocket Lucho has a hobby.? Much like the Japanese, he likes to make things smaller and more compact.? Here, he has created a neogeo, megadrive and PC Engine arcades that pretty much fit on your bookshelf! You can see demos of the pocket MVS in action (Yes it takes carts,…