What is it?

The NEO GEO World Tour is a global tournament where the winners of each region will win a flight to Hong Kong for a final tournament! There are in fact TWO seasons (at least), which means two chances to win a flight to Hong Kong; the first stop of season 2 is already confirmed for Gamescom Germany!  There is also prize money to win!

Which games are in the tour?

  • KOF 98
  • Metal Slug score attack
  • Other games too, depending on demand!

Note: only KOF 98 and KOFXIV are qualifiers for the finals in Hong Kong. For the other games, there are prizes to be won! The highest scorer overall for Metal Slug might get another prize (TBC)!


PS4 using Hamster Corp. ACA Neogeo titles. You can bring your own controller. Tournament format is double elimination.

How can players enter the tournament?

There are various Neo Geo World Tour qualifier stops.  Enter the tournament via their website. Entry to the tournament is free, but there are entry fees to the venue.


  1. Germany 23 August  Gamescom
  2. Saudi Arabia 13-15 September Gamers Con
  3. Mexico 6-7 October Thunderstruck
  4. UAE 12-13 Oct Ou gaming
  5. Singapore13-14 Oct Game start
  6. Canada 26-28 Oct Canada Cup
  7. Colombia 10-11 Nov KO Tournament
  8. Shanghai 15-17 Dec Gamely
  9. Macau 22-23 Dec Macau Retro
  10. Indonesia 27 Jan Fight Fest
  11. Chile 23-24 Feb NEM Fest
  12. NEW! You can see the most up to date line up on their facebook page!


  1. USA – complete
  2. Monaco – complete
  3. Kuwait – complete
  4. Norway – 12-13 MayRegistration
  5. Taiwan – June 16th – 17th
  6. Malaysia – June 23rd – 24th
  7. Hong Kong – July 1st 
  8. Singapore  July 7th 
  9. Korea – 4-5 August
  10. USA –  August 3rd – 4th*
  11. Costa Rica – August 11
  12. Hong Kong – August 25th – 26th


How can my event become a Neo Geo World Tour Qualifier?

Contact the team here on Twitter or Facebook. Tournament organisers will be required to share costs. SNK will award the event official status and then promote your event on their social media.

Official NEOGEOWORLDTOUR website



Watch live video from neogeoworldtour on www.twitch.tv


Season 1 Finalists

Neo Geo World Tour Season 1 came to its conclusion with the Global Finals at the e-sports Festival in Hong Kong in August 2018!

All the winners of previous stops competed for the title of becoming the World Champion!

KOF XIV competitor list:
– Luis Cha (LA)
– FReZZer (Kuwait)
– WhiteAshX (Norway)
– ZJZ (Taiwan)
– Zantetsu (Malaysia)
– Lau (Hong Kong)
– Orphen (Singapore)
– DREAM (Korea)
– ET (EVO)
– ViolentKain (Costa Rica)
– XiaoHai (SNK China invite)
– M’ (SNK Japan invite)

KOF 98 competitor list:
– Laban (LA)
– KenSou (Monaco)
– KOF2982 (Kuwait)
– WhiteAshX (Norway)
– ET (Taiwan)
– Pacman Loon (Malaysia)
– HakChai (Hong Kong)
– Alvin (Singapore)
– Shinsun (Korea)
– Dakou (EVO)
– ViolentKain (Costa Rica)
– XiaoHai (SNK China invite)
– Jojo (SNK Japan invite)

Replays can be found at youtube channel or twitch 


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