The NEO GEO World Tour

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What is it? The NEO GEO World Tour is a global tournament where the winners of each region will win a flight to Hong Kong for a final tournament! There are in fact TWO seasons (at least), which means two chances to win a flight to Hong Kong; the first stop…

The King Of Fighters 98 for Android and iOS smartphones

SNKP have announced “The King Of Fighters 98” for Android and iOS smartphones. No release date as yet, but some details are as follows. “According to the “English” Setting on this Official Website, The King of Fighters ’98 will be brought to iOS & Android and will have a “TRAINING…

777 Action

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Some typical 98 smackdown but a rare opportunity to see 777 playing MOTW! Semi-Final 777 VS ??? Semi-Final AMY VS Takane Maniaki 3rd place match AMY VS ??? Final Takane Maniaki VS 777 MOW Semi-Final 777 VS ? Semi-Final ??? VS ??? 3rd place match ??? VS ? Final 777…

98 UM Hero

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A new 98 UM arcade board (pgm2) is available in China, with the subtitle “HERO”.? It’s an actual upgrade, with better CPU AI, some tweaked moves, no loading times, and new stages!? There is no other info (or evidence) as yet.? Don’t put your hopes up for a console release……


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Out today for 800 points. Hmmm maybe it’s time to get a 360? *prays for PS3 release*