King of Fighters XIII CMV – Mai Shiranui : Bouncy Edition

It’s bouncy!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title and I debated over whether I should have called it that or not but in the end I did. Mai Shirnaui is probably one of the hardest character I’ve done so far as so much specific spacing and timing is…

Interview : BubblanAB7

Shadowloo Showdown was such a good weekend, witnessing great players and heart pounding matches in KoF XIII. I was fortunate enough to meet BubblanAB7 and hit him up with some questions. DC: Hi BubblanAB7, great to finally meet you! Tell us a little bit about yourself. BubblanAB7: Hi I’m bubblanAB7,…

KoF XIII CMV – Mature : Ruthless Edition

For my latest vid, it feature the ruthless Mature! I had fun making combos for her as it taught me a few things about her that I didn’t know, especially about getting more damage. [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!

Persona CMV : Vice

Persona’s newest vid is of Vice. [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!

New tech for Vice

Vice has the ability to hcf+BD after her C or D throw against Chin and Athena. [youtube][/youtube]