Persona CMV – King

After finishing Hwa Jai and Joe, Persona decided to once again do another Muay Thai character, King. King doesn’t have too much combo potential (especially not as much as Hwa Jai and Joe) but I feel that Persona is pushing her to her limits. Enjoy!

Persona CMV – Hwa Jai

Easily the best Hwa Jai combo vid to date, Persona has shown us what he (Hwa Jai) is capable of. Expect some tight links and high damage stuff. Tool assistance was used in this vid. Enjoy!

KOFXIII Double Stun Combo by KenshinTL

Team Lago’s  very own KenshinTL from Tijuana Mexico recently uploaded a video with Hwa Jai for KOFXIII demonstrating a double stun combo with one meter and full drive. Definetely something to take note of…. Enjoy!!!  

KOF XIII : New combos by FReeZer

Kim Kaphwan Stun Combo [youtube][/youtube] 935 Damage ( 2 stocks ) [youtube][/youtube] Raiden  100 % combo ( 3 stocks) [youtube][/youtube] Ash Crimson 100 % Stun combo [youtube][/youtube] 100 % combo [youtube][/youtube] Shen Woo 100 % combo (3 stocks) [youtube][/youtube] Hwa Jai  100 % stun combo (1 stock) [youtube][/youtube] Kyo Kusanagi…