What needs to change in #KOFXIV – Global Feedback

Part 2 of a series of reports on the beta, we continue to collect feedback on the 24 and 36 character build of KOF14.  You can read part 1 here. Please note these builds were not the finished product, and you’ll read that there were improvements between builds. The core players, the fans,…

Pichon Cup 4… Road to Dream Cancel Cup Live from Mexico now!!! #KOFXIII

Going live right now is the Pichon Cup 4. Which will have action of KOF XIII, KOF 2002, KOF02UM, and KOF 98 UM from the lineup of SNK games. It will feature interesting players like Kula, Layec, and TC|Pako. You can follow the stream (which is live right now) over…

#Bala #CapcomOlympic #CIVGC #SFAE #Italy #kofxiiise #cyberbots #sfz3

BALA AT CIVGC MX Bala is confirmed for Cannes International Video Game Cup. Also confirmed: Bubblan from Sweden, Big Fool from the UK, Sean from Italy!   Bala Photo courtesy of Rock Lee  a-cho ALL CAPCOM Histrical vsgame Olympic 2014 ??????? ??? ??????????(2014.1.13) This event took place Jan 13 and…

KOF XIII casuals from Mexico City

Luis Cha, Violent Kain, Kusanagi throwing some casuals live right now… Keep an eye on Violent Kain’s Ren’s style Iori Yagami infinite Loop:   Watch live video from MexiKOF on TwitchTV

Coliseo VS2 Guadalajara, Mexico

This weekend Coliseo VS2 was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Several games were featured among them was KOF XIII with several players featured such as Bala, Koopa, El Rosa, and Khannibalito…. The top 8 results for KOF XIII was: 1. CG|Bala 2. TC|Pako 3. Piranha 4. DS|Layec 5. Mr. Aguila 5….