KOF 13 FRAME DATA Some people don’t listen. Some people don’t even want to know, but this is for the players who didn’t even know. There are TWO sources of frame data. TSS Atma’s document, which is newer, and has active frames, recovery, hit advantage and blockstun data. SBR’s Sheet based…

Hyper Battle live now

Hyper Battle is currently going underway right now…. Kings of Colorado crew will stream KOF all day exclusively on their channel… The tournaments has a few special guests like Juan form Mexicali, ST.TL|Khanibalito, and Romance… What are you waiting for? Tune in: http://www.twitch.tv/kingsofco

KOFXIII Double Stun Combo by KenshinTL

Team Lago’s  very own KenshinTL from Tijuana Mexico recently uploaded a video with Hwa Jai for KOFXIII demonstrating a double stun combo with one meter and full drive. Definetely something to take note of…. Enjoy!!!  

New Combo Video Featuring ST.TL|Khanibalito

Straight from Tijuana, Mexico we have this awesome combo video featuring ST.TL|Khanibalito. Better know for his recent 4th place performance during SCR in KOFXIII and taking Team Socal in a reverse OCV in a special exhibition match Socal vs TJ during the same event. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9losB9HZ2uQ[/youtube]