The New KOFXIV Update and Reaction to Janne

The update coming soon and what it means for players- and what it doesn’t mean :/   The DLC has fans charged up, let’s see how we feel about the trailer!

Patch 1.10 Notes #PS4PRO

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The patch is out NOW for all territories, there was only one day delay for the others, while the U.S. and EU (not UK) got it first. Some important notes: 2 new colors per character It’s not just lighting, detail and other things have been altered!!! Ramon’s LP infinite will…

Response to netcode patch 1.02 #kofxiv

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The patch it out and you know people love to complain. Here’s what they said: So far, the #KOFXIV netcode feels amazingly responsive. Playing someone in SoCal and it's smooth as butter. #KoF14 Love this game. — J.R. Baucum (@ReverendPopoff) September 1, 2016 Spread the word. #Kofxiv netcode is GODLIKE!…


When Team Ninja said they were gonna make a big update, THEY WERE NOT KIDDING AT ALL ! Already released on PS3 and set to be released later today on xbox360, DOA5U Ver. 1.03A is OUT! The update not only provides system changes but also includes an old fan favorite…

#jojo_asb issues

So it’s been announced that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is headed to the west. Hurrah? The Japanese fans have literally screamed at Cyber Connect 2’s president via Twitter when he announced the patch, hours after it’s release, already swamped with complaints. In a nutshell, the system was nerfed, rather than patched….