The patch is out NOW for all territories, there was only one day delay for the others, while the U.S. and EU (not UK) got it first.

Some important notes:

  • 2 new colors per character
  • It’s not just lighting, detail and other things have been altered!!!
  • Ramon’s LP infinite will be patched end of this month.
  • Free skin dlc coming end of this month.
  • New cheering noises!
  • Until next patch, please do not change your profile icon or it will raise your rage quit ratio.
  • All rage quit scores will be reset with next patch because of this.
  • Sound signal to alert players that their opponent is waiting in lobbies!
  • Some people have reported an issue creating an online room.
  • There are improvements for PS4PRO (!???)
  • Random mode now continues to shuffle characters and stages
  • 50 new icons and 100 titles- but don’t touch them yet!
  • Please tell us any bugs you have found.
  • Full list including bug fixes for Mai and Chang at the SNK page


  • Have the trials changed?
  • What exactly are the improvements for ps4 pro???

The graphics are great! Check them out!

The new noises will be fun, where’s the zuzubela?

And the new colors!!!


Up to 12 themes are now aavailable FREE in PSN stores, with original music tracks. Some are really really good, combining multiple themes of each character!

And finally some bonus fan art!

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