#KOFSEXIII Friends List #kofxiiise #steam

For Steam, obviously. Ratings are based on knowledge and experience, if you unnerve some of these high skill players, you could still beat them! (High Skill) Someone who knows the game really well, and won’t hold back! (New) Someone new to the game Everyone else is either experienced or unknown…

True | ZeroUK gives his impressions of #KOFXIIISE v3

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This is with host advantage but have a look, and listen to his button taps and the time it takes for the action to appear on screen. DUDE. 4.1 just came out so it’s hopefully going to get even better! North London and South London England and France   He’s…

Beta Key Giveaway! #kof13 #kofxiii #steam #kofxiiise

SNKP just dropped us a line and gave us 5 keys for the beta test phase which ends August 29. ¬†Many thanks to them! Initial testing wasn’t spectacular so we want to get more community members in this! BETA VERSION HAS BEEN UPDATED! TESTS MUST START AGAIN!   We have…

England will be going to the World Cup! #wgc2013

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Here are the grand finals! Big thank you to Neoempire and everyone who turned up who made it possible to send the winner to WGC2013! And it’s not a Frenchman!! Watch live video from thewonderpark on TwitchTV Loads more footage at the channel!