Canton Cup 6 streaming Now

updated with twitch channel. #CantonCup #yacheng has started and will continue over the weekend!  Featuring Mad KOF, Xiaohai, Freezer, Humanbomb, Poongko & more! Stream site: Notably for foreigners the site has been full of buffering and difficult to watch. Hopefully will be running for the weekend. Watch live video from yangchengcup…

#ARCFestParis 5 Oct 2013

Fans of Arc Systems Games will descend on Paris to play their favourite games: Guilty Gear AC+, Blazblue CSE and Persona 4 Arena! There will be a ranking battle, with machines on freeplay, and some prizes up for grabs! €6 Entry. Tournaments are capped at 15 players (first come first…

#parisfullcontact #kofxiii solo replays on youtube

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Thx Ultrayox! All the matches up to grand finals!!!

London’s first Esports Bar

Drinks and gaming were never a good idea, tournament wise. However, the idea of having a pint while mashing some buttons is rather attractive. What to expect: Nice chairs Street Fighter IV What not to expect High level Meltdown London is set to host its grand opening on June 1,…

England will be going to the World Cup! #wgc2013

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Here are the grand finals! Big thank you to Neoempire and everyone who turned up who made it possible to send the winner to WGC2013! And it’s not a Frenchman!! Watch live video from thewonderpark on TwitchTV Loads more footage at the channel!