More feedback from Singapore, 4Gamer ‘views and some arts!

Perhaps a good thing, not many questions have been proposed for Oda, considering most have been already asked and answered! But we are looking at them all.

In the same post, Luise Ng gave us some footage of KOFXIV in Singapore and we asked him a bit more about what he felt about the game.

Luise Ng aka Jun Xiang Ng is 21 years old, lives in Singapore and mainly plays KOF XIII on Steam.

“Personally, being a KOF XIII player, I am not used to how KOF XIV works.

After trying out the demo build for versus at the event, I wasn’t able to try out every single character.

I hope the graphics can be improved when it’s released in August.

I like the new 3D backgrounds as well as the OST.

Most characters are “nerfed” as I compared to KOF XIII, other than the nerf on the moves, basic combos are no longer able to be executed.
For example: Leona’s V-Slasher is no longer safe when used outside of combo.
Kula’s fireball (qcb b, f b) cannot go through other projectiles unlike XIII. Icy breath (qcf c) is different too, opponents will not be “frozen” to allow me to start a combo.
Chin’s df d is not be able to chain into other moves, instant hard knock-down.

None of the combos that exist in KOF XIII are able to be executed, thus reducing Chin’s damage severely. He can drink up to 10 times, upon drinking more than 5 times, the drink count will reduce by 2 from each hard knock-down. E.g. 9 drinks will drop to 7 drinks count upon knock down.

Overall, KOF XIV is a lot simpler compared to previous versions. KOF XIII players definitely need time to adjust to it.  It’s features different gameplay.  Still, I’m looking forward to play it!

I like the fact that we’re getting a new KOF and it’s still a 3 on 3 match. Having a rush combo with simpler gameplay is a good initiative to attract new players.  With a big roster of 50 characters and story mode there’s so much to try out! I am truly excited about the online mode party battle. Hopefully there will be tweaks on the characters moves between this demo build and the final version. I like the way that there are new characters introduced to the game while retaining the classic characters.”

So there you have it, even echoing some of the aims that Oda set out with KOFXIV (see below).  While some players may not like the simplication of the system, the fun factor and breath of new life with new characters is surely going to revitalize the scene!  Let’s get hype!

4Gamer Interview

If you haven’t read Oda and the team’s huge interview with 4gamer, where he mentions his aims for the player satisfaction, you can check out MMC’s translations here, and here.


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A quick shout out to Dune who was recently on national TV, wearing DAT community shirt.  If you want to read more about the TV show, where SNK got a spot after who knows how many years, go here.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong

In game shot from the ending for the new hero team!?

She’s so shy, she’s so cute!  Mian whipping up a storm!!!

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