Summer Battle feat. Misterio #KOF #FGCYearbook #EVO2015 Submissions

[row][column width=”1/2″] Misterio will still be in Morocco and for perhaps his last tournament, will join in for a grand tournament at the Ecole of InfoDesign on the 1st August 2015. It’s gonna be an all day job from 9am but ending at 8pm. It’s very likely Tom Sawyer and…

Streams this Weekend #stunfest #combobreaker #japonawa

STUNFEST Bonjour à tous ! Voici l’arbre du tournoi KoF XIII du Stunfest. Pour info, le format : 4 personnes sortent des brackets (top 32), les personnes sortant en loser des brackets récupèrent leur vie dans le top32. Le tournoi commencera a 13h. De 13 à 14h, les joueurs retardataires…

Luffy vs UK / Tom Sawyer vs Torta / 98 Guides/ Tournament #USF #KOF

UK vs Luffy Luffy was guest of honour at London’s Meltdown just last week, check out some matches at the tournament (which he didn’t win!) Here are some matches featuring Ryan Hart, I’m Still Da Daddy, Pro Fluke, Problem X and more! more here! Tom Sawyer vs Torta FT10…

ZeroBlack streaming versus DuoLon /Tom Sawyer

Zero Black now streaming with his buddy who uses DuoLon. Should be interesting, following the events at nwm6 this past weekend. Will we see DuoLon everywhere at Evo? Tom Sawyer also in the house! Watch live video from zero_black on

Crossup Supers. Misterio/Sawyer #KOF

   kof ,   April 11, 2014  8 Comments

Seems legit! Could be a very expensive but horrible way to dish out some wtf damage lollll thx Sol3Chris! Here’s some new footage of Misterio vs Tom Sawyer FT10 thx to Yox And don’t forget we have a big weekend with KOF at the HOG and AIP3 in Paris