The best Samsho Tech and combos Day 1 #kofxv

Balance patch? Don’t ask about that, the only changes were that Whip gets a little buff, arguably a correction, and O.Shermie gets a cancel off whiff crouching D plus some bug fixes….  Random playlist has been added (which is bugged, it won’t allow anyone to join your lobby) and party mode now has winner stays on mode.  So, even with the new DLC, Krohnen remains the “skill gap equaliser”, much like vanilla Nakoruru, until a pro player uses him, where then it’s just abusive.  He’s arguably still a valuable character for beginner players and could be left as is.   You can download the patch notes here.

The Samsho dlc has been launched to pretty good response from the community, the three characters seem quite fair, nothing overly broken about them, and opinions are changing fast about Nakoruru, who seemed most nerfed but may be the most dangerous in the end.  Note I won’t be posting 5 bar combos, you can figure that out yourself; it should be mentioned that the new team seem high on damage with 4 bars, but usually with max mode activated first.  Check out these community posts below, with some announcements, arts, and active streamers!  DM on twitter for removal.


btw don’t forget each Samsho character has HARD slash with A+B (standing only)

Frame Data


out of corner

2 meter

Conversion from CD

Reversal into damage

Darli Dagger

‘Darling’ is the newest of course, and feels the strangest to use, you may feel like the only thing that makes sense is her dp grab, and heavy far pokes.  The real play comes from her hammer cancels, close D, cross up D and grab.

Frame Data


Crouching B combo

The next combo is character specific but is great fun and EZ to do

The universal combo is below:

Note: the combo above is NOT character specific, it works on everyone but the last C is hard to land…


Shatterstrike conversion


0.5 gauge with 4F safe jump

What in the

Counter Hit combo

Safe Jump

4 bar dead



Xiaohai and ET went straight at it with FT10, just remember this is day 2


Also SNK regional bouts has been announced, but we don’t know anything more at this time, apart from how it will start in November! … That’s not giving us much time to plan, but it seems from the name “regional” we might not have to travel much!

So you know the Samsho are good but are they better than Jenet?

Bonus! Gone for now but not forgotten! And the figurine from Kotobukiya is on pre-sale!

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