The best Samsho Tech and combos Day 1 #kofxv

Balance patch? Don’t ask about that, the only changes were that Whip gets a little buff, arguably a correction, and O.Shermie gets a cancel off whiff crouching D plus some bug fixes….  Random playlist has been added (which is bugged, it won’t allow anyone to join your lobby) and party mode now has winner stays …

The digging continues

Some moves have juggle capabilities, without a counter requirement, and Dune has labbed a few situations where this could be useful. Some are expensive while might be unrealistic, but the player who is ready for all situations is the most dangerous one!  Have a look at these conversions below and try your own!

KOFXV Best Bits Day Early Access Day 1

Hello KOF fans, it’s Gunny here again with some choiciest morsels for your KOF hunger.  Perhaps you haven’t yet got access as today is a festival of KOF love only for those who pre-ordered the deluxe edition, but don’t worry, I won’t post any story spoilers, just combos and tech to whet your appetite for …

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