v1.03 Patch List Notes Log in ENGLISH!! #KOFXIV

   kof ,,   October 19, 2016  9 Comments

KOF WORLD THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV: New balancing & feature improvement patch (ver. 1.03) released! Major Update Content: ? Battle system changes ? Rebalancing of playable characters depending on their usage rate so far. ? Correction of the “Fuzzy Guard” issue*    (*refers to a standing attack hitting after…

KOF02UM QQ Practice Mode

Yes, there is training mode in KOF02UM for QQ Games.   Do you know how to get to training mode in 98UMFE, does it even have training mode? Shoot us a reply!

DOA5U: Team Battle, Tag Survival, Advanced Training, Combo Challenge and More!

Team Ninja just released a ton of footage showcasing a lot of what DOA5U has to offer. Of the note worthy updates: – Team battle with up to 7 characters per team. – Survival mode back to its classic form (with droppable items, and the ability to play Tag survival)….