DOA5U: Team Battle, Tag Survival, Advanced Training, Combo Challenge and More!

Team Ninja just released a ton of footage showcasing a lot of what DOA5U has to offer.

Of the note worthy updates:
– Team battle with up to 7 characters per team.
– Survival mode back to its classic form (with droppable items, and the ability to play Tag survival).
– Tutorial mode.
– Combo challenge.
– the potential of Power Launchers … (the games new mechanic)
– advanced training mode with more detailed info.
– Ability to customize the game’s soundtrack with music from DOA2-5 which will all be available on disc
– more options for video and camera shots.

Of notice, it seems that the cast has received a huge upgrade when it comes to movelists.
should be very interesting to see how the characters changed.

DOA5U will be released 1st week of september 2013 world wide.

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