#KOFXIII Nishinippori 47th Battle

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More action from Tokyo’s most lagfree setup, featuring TWO players from Paris, Lord Med and Fox! Has Fox improved? Watch and see! Here we have team battle number 47 from Versus, originally uploaded by niconico user ??? Team 1p : Asa , Nikku , Bob , Okome , Sue ,…

Tournament Matches #SFMOVIE #Aquapazza #KOFXIII ?6? ??? in ?? ?????????????

yup, at A-cho they even run Street Fighter the Movie Tournaments. Sick. Puke. Etc. Aquapazza KOF XIII Here we have another team battle from the cool dudes of the Osaka scene, these were played in Nihonbashi Taito Station, the original upload was in June. Also, if you are wondering, I…

Nishinippori with Match Descriptions

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The 36th team battle from Nishinippori, original upload by ??? Team 1p : Kake D , Bou , Kumo , Atacchi , KakuGe Matsusaka Touri , Oda , You’re?, Keizu , Himojoe , kei , Ponser , Rinomoto , Naoki , Haregoro~ Team 2p : Retry , Yukito?ET-san Ani-san omedeto…

KOF XIII Team Battle #2 Replays

^^ Commentary in English ^^ 60fps so nice. Feat Gunsmith, Louis, Brownsky, Jym Tonic, Tahar, Salad, OS, Defi, Prisca and more!!! Watch live video from arcadestreett on TwitchTV Team Battle 2.2 on Twitch is here. For those who need something portable, Team Battle 2.2 is here on youtube below.

DOA5U: Team Battle, Tag Survival, Advanced Training, Combo Challenge and More!

Team Ninja just released a ton of footage showcasing a lot of what DOA5U has to offer. Of the note worthy updates: – Team battle with up to 7 characters per team. – Survival mode back to its classic form (with droppable items, and the ability to play Tag survival)….