Updated with video of Xiaohai and Leshar using Kim and a couple of strat tips plus more events! I think this page will most probably contain everything you need to know about Kim Kaphwan, apart from the fact his first name is Kaphwan.

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Here’s the roundup for Kim, and as feared, he looks absolutely killer.  Even SNK released a video to guide you through how to wreck your opponent: it’s all about their reaction time, can they block  the mixups, the followups, the 4F hangetsuzan and then a crossup?  I can’t see how this character will be as much fun versus the CPU, so it’s likely that there will be a surge of activity, so don’t spend too long in the shed, get out there and fight!

SNK has also released some bug fixes to adjust some missing hitboxes and inconsistent invulnerabilities which might explain some things.

Frame Data


Official Video Guide

v2 Update: Want to watch the pros? Ok here’s Xiaohai vs Leshar


Please message me on twitter for removal, I apologise for not asking first.

Update: When your character can take more than 50% with one combo, you’re good.

Updated : So the next thing is to find the best combo from crouching B, of course… you can find some here!

Update Strategy against mashers

Update: Crouching C setup

41% for 1 bar?!!

In the end, you’re going to get hit by this one the most


How about 1 bar for 576?

2 bars for 569 damage, ok!

Update: some nice photos of Haruna and Sarah!


Combos are fine, but how about converting an anti-air into big damage? Ok gotchu

How to punish…

More mixups? No, not enough, surely

And he has loads of safe jumps, for example

The dude is just invincible, don’t believe me? OK check it

This will probably be the most used combo

Update: Will you choose a longer combo or a hard knockdown for setups? Ah

And there’s more to come, crossplay, Goenitz and Sylvie are next! Can’t wait!

Events News


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