KOFXV Best Bits Day Early Access Day 1

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Hello KOF fans, it’s Gunny here again with some choiciest morsels for your KOF hunger.  Perhaps you haven’t yet got access as today is a festival of KOF love only for those who pre-ordered the deluxe edition, but don’t worry, I won’t post any story spoilers, just combos and tech to whet your appetite for the grand feast that’s coming Feb 17th.

Some things have been nerfed, it seems Yashiro has less juggles as some predicted but there are still certain characters who can juggle your ass for a whole minute.  However, let’s remember that these combos are 5 bar, and only done once a match, so it’s not like you’re going to suffer this every 30 seconds…. Well, not so far…

Here are THREE variations of the Ash stun combo

Btw I have my review code, but as I’ve already bought the game twice, I’ve passed on the code to someone who’s going to start training to wreck the opponents in our name ohohohoh… well, hopefully it works as the code may not be region free. Ha….

Interestingly, PC owners did not get early access and it’s quite the debate.  Why? Is it to stop leaks? Most things have been leaked already… doesn’t seem fair.

Interestingly KOFXV features in the top global sales on Steam… cool, right?

Not to be outdone by his teammate, Kukri has also a stun combo, demonstrated here by Piyokei

fans of the third member, Liz, should be happy with a nice 4 bar combo, and I still can’t see if those new fireballs are part of it…

Here’s a lovely safe jump by Cristina, so if you’re planning on playing Chizuru, pay attention!

Ok, Joe is back! Although the combo starts with a CD, like Kukri’s, it’s still a stun! Nice job by DC

Here’s lightning’s Shun Ei Guide Combo Video

Speaking of guides, Dandy J, the author of the famous KOF guide for beginner, made a new video about neutral. Share this with your friends who want to do more than mash!

It’s a hard life being a big body.  But Iori’s kinda tall so what gives…

Check out this awesome counter combo for Ralf by Oeppu, and just wait till you see his Climax on your own screen!

K2 cosplayed as Heidern, and killed as Heidern

His adopted daughter has a few tricks up her sleeve, as SR will show you

Athena’s 5 bar by Hntati doesn’t quite do 100% but it’s…. nice?

Backdashes, part of the “slowing down” trend in KOFXV, have been nerfed. Alternate guard has been disabled too.  QCFUF motions are harder.

Frionel has a one meter combo for Vanessa and look at that damage!!

Wauhti shows what you can do with one EX bar, this is important because it seems there is less emphasis on using Max mode in this iteration.  Still early days tho.

and here’s a 2 bar combo

The new mechanic of Anti-throw and anti roll is being studied right now, here’s one solution by Kusanagi

Aroo has an OS for rolls here

My goodness Clark has some nice new stuff, thank you Abao!

SR has been working on Luong and look at that damage for 2 bars!

Not practical but something you could try with Terry, we’ve seen quad power geyser combos but how about the magical SIX?

El Rosa has a nice stun for Ralf!

El Rose also points out something that may or may not be changed

How about one more Ash combo but no stun, just 100% with 5 bars?  Not exactly practical but if ASh is your anchor, then if you leave yourself open to a heavy, then RIP!

Vanessa stun? Surprise? Not me! Here goes DC!

Pretty sure this is 2 bar, but more importantly this is Misterio playing one of his favourite characters… which means players are in big trouble


Hey it’s me, ranting about the music, it’s good, it’s really good

Heidern’s projectiles don’t knock down in this game, which means…

Throw tech, it’s been in KOF13 but more relevant now due to priority on wake up

Mai’s 3 bar that turns into 4 bar combo!

You’re gonna get robbed by this Luong crossup by Badoor, but at least she provides some fan service afterwards

Olaf’s 5 bar for Mary

Display lag PS5 vs PS4… this was rumoured before release, during the beta, and that PS5 might globally have more lag than PS4.

That’s enough from me, perhaps later we’ll organise this into a resource ohohohoho

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