#KOFXIV New Trailers (April 2016)

   FGC News ,   April 25, 2016  2 Comments

So it seems there’s no 13th Trailer, at least not today, but a new series, going into the details of the game. Don’t forget to check the stream starting soon!

#KOFXIV Events – Schedule

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3 more playable characters! Feb19 HK #KOFXIV

   kof ,   February 16, 2016  11 Comments

Feb 19 in Hong Kong at the PlayStation stand – players will be able to use the first 6, Kyo, Iori, Leona, Chang, Kula and Andy, along with Billy, King and Robert! It is currently unsure whether there will be a stream, but surely PlayStation will send out some footage…

Taipei Game Show stream for #kofxiv

It seems they have already revealed who will be playable, and if so, it’s a huge development. Angel, Beni, Ralf and K’ join the fray! Stream is here and live now! Watch live video from TGSlive on www.twitch.tv Thanks to Gato Ray for the image and Dreamcancel for the stream…

Xperience Gaming Replay & Results

   FGC News,kof ,   November 9, 2015  1 Comment

You will not believe some of the endings of these matches!!! We are also on twitch Subscribe on youtube to https://gaming.youtube.com/Alan_Francois or https://gaming.youtube.com/karlsimposter (it’s the same thing) Brackets