#KOFXIV Tournament Streaming Now on Godsgarden in Japan #KSB #KVO #TSB

Scheduled to start now is the grand event in Osaka, notably with a KOF14 tournament, with hours of freeplay as a crash course introduction. How will these players fare in this crazy day 1 tournament? Tune into the stream below to find out! Top players are also in attendance! I will be restreaming this in …

#KVO Info #SaltyFortal #KOF Cancellation #Spreadshirt Offer! #777 #MOW #KSB

KVO x TSB = KSB 3 days 11 games and a pretty swishy trailer! This will take place in Osaka Japan, 2-5 May 2015 Will feature a whole load of anime games such as: UNIEL ARCANA HEARTS 3 AQUAPAZZA DENGEKI FC PERSONA U 2 GGXRD BBCP MARVEL SMASH BROS plus Koihime Mus?! It also seems …

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