It feels like this weekend will make or break me, to be honest.  Still, this weekend will be a killer tournament, arguably better than EVO, as it collects the cream of the crop from around the globe, evening out the income inequalities with all flights paid by SNK.  And yet, still not the pinnacle of a KOF tournament, due to visa issues holding certain players back.  And then there’s that announcement at the end…

Here is a roundup discussion with yours truly and Neogeo Now, talking about the most known and favourites to win the tournament.  Will Xiaohai take that 50k prize money or “let” someone else share in the glory (lollll); what people want to see, a new champion or another chapter in the legacy of the gods of KOF?

Here’s the full player roundup

Why it’s up to the fans to do videos that should have been done by SNK Marketing, that’s an interesting question, but my guess is that SNK paid a company such as Ten/O Media to run SNKWC and maybe there are too many legal issues to get all the clips and photos etc.  STILL… with proper planning this could have been done.


Can be found right here!

Community Streams

Note that SNK is encouraging you to restream so there will be other streams in various languages, I’ll try to update this post with some of them.  I have a few personal issues to deal with this weekend so I won’t be able to do anything on Sunday.

Official Stream


Top 32-16

Top 16

Snk Esports in Japanese

The final announcement

So the biggest question for some fans is what will SNK announce?  What will they show?  A new trailer for City of the Wolves?  Or, and Season 3 for KOFXV?  For some fans, it will be a game over, a death knell for KOFXV, as for them, the hype has been snuffed out.  However, no game is truly dead, that is a silly way to think.  Third Strike, KOF98 etc are not dead, 3S is even running at EVO again.  Still, some players will drift to other games or take a break.  I don’t expect a season 3 but I have high hopes because, in my opinion, season 3 will bring more revenue to SNK while they are developing COTW, which won’t be released until spring 2025, my guess… can’t wait to see what will happen!  Make sure to tune in and we’ll post all kinds of related stuff on the social media channels.  Remember I’m on Bluesky, FGC, Threads, FB, X, IG (more usually food and normie stuff), and discord

Of course I don’t need to preach to the choir but SNK will run a promo sale during this weekend, so if you needed to grab the fantastic steam edition with improved netcode, then get it and the dlc at 75% off!!!  If they have it on PS5, I might grab that too!

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