SNKWC and Death Knell or Rebirth for KOF

It feels like this weekend will make or break me, to be honest.  Still, this weekend will be a killer tournament, arguably better than EVO, as it collects the cream of the crop from around the globe, evening out the income inequalities with all flights paid by SNK.  And yet, still not the pinnacle of …

Absolute pools of DEATH at #UFA2023 #SWC Qualifier

So it’s time. And SNK have been pushing the SNK World Championship 2024 to be a real one, with qualifiers all over the globe. We now prepare for Paris! 25th and 26th November!!! The brackets have been stacked (with my help) with killers from across the globe! Streams: Saturday: 12:00 – 3pm on ifcyipes  at …

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