Interviews with Bubblan & Ryan Hart plus #IVG2014 Offline Matches by SBR

INTERVIEWS ON.BUBBLANAB7 It’s been like AGES  since IVGC, how do you feel?  I miss Cannes already, I had an absolute blast meeting the players there from all around the world and they’re all a bunch of great guys. What has stuck in your mind from the event? Drinking and playing…

Bala on SBR Stream NOW

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Bala – Piccolo – Bender – Rayden – Pharaon – Salim Vautour – Will2Pac – Poyo – Jym – JpKoF – Samy etc… Watch live video from SignedByR on

Ranking Battle @versusdojo #BBCP

    Fev 8. €6. Freeplay! 14-19:00. Double Elimination. FT2! 16 JOUEURS MAX. Deja Inscrit: DeDg Arq Benjamin Tenreiro Jyss SBR.Poyo Broadcast Yousself Oni kain-x-spirits Kimaf Shima Tyrie Socra Yuuki Yuuji Onigan OMG presque complet! Depechez vous! Incrivez vous tout suite! Regardez le videos de la derniere tournoi ici Regardez…

SBR XIII Frame Data Translation

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Using the work of Keykakko and Dreamcancel, SBR has completed the frame data for all but 2 characters! Check out the document here Thanks to MacVillain for the tip.

Thanks + Hypespotting Qualifier Results

Just want to say thanks to everyone that helped out – the KOF community rocks, and the FGC as a whole rocks my socks too. In particular (in no particular order) – The retweeters, reposters and sharers – The translators – The websites and groups that promote KOF – The…