Just want to say thanks to everyone that helped out – the KOF community rocks, and the FGC as a whole rocks my socks too.

In particular (in no particular order)
– The retweeters, reposters and sharers
– The translators
– The websites and groups that promote KOF
– The players
– The donators
– The stream monsters

Hypespotting Qualifier Results


And so Fox will be travelling from France to Scotland on the 30th March. Methinks there will be a certain feathery friend waiting for him… with something to drink…


Fox 2pac Jerome
(1st) Fox (2nd) MM.Jerome (2nd) WDM.MCZ.Will2pac
Hypespotting 2013 France Qualifier: FOX


00 Casuals – 22mins Tournament

Watch live video from arcadestreett on TwitchTV

Looks like Rickyo was too tired to post, but the first qualifier for the WGC French Team is going on at Republic right now… and it’s finished Results: 1st Fox, 2 MCZ.Will2Pac 3 Yox

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