MCZ.Tokido vs Misterio FT10

It’s right here yo, hot on the trails of Stunfest 2015, we have a slobberknocker of a First to 10 between two of current titans of the KOF scene. Starting 9pm French time = GMT+2    

Leo as Guilty Gear Xrd DLC and app #ggxrd

Huh. ’17 characters worth by the end of the year’?’online lobby  64 people maximum’ ?Also, apparently in development, a PS4  smartphone  application which will provide notification of tournament creation and entry, match start; confirmation of the contents and results. source   More info to come! ??????#GG??????????60????? — ????????? (@sowel_sk3) May 10,…

Today’s Streams #Stunfest #NWM6

STUNFEST Man, did you see the breakers finals with Justin Wong? Nice!!! Main stream going on right now. Times are in French local time. 12:30 – 16:00 : WASSHOI TIME : Mushihimesama, G-Darius, TGM3, Ikaruga Double Play, Ketsui 16:00 – 16:30 : Finale Super Street Fighter 2X Solo 16:30 –…

MCZ.Tokido vs AS.Reynald FT10 + NN Vs GS Team Battle NOW

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What happens if you set the best downloader versus the best counter picker? you can watch it in 60fps here Meanwhile in Tokyo right now… Team Nishinippori vs Team Spot going on right now they might change the url though. Thx to Prof for the tip! LINK CHANGED!

Streaming Now + KOF Results #igt2014 #hypespotting

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Cafeid Streaming now with the survivors of IGT2014: Khannibalito, ET, MadKOF, Frionel Xiaohai and more Watch live video from Cafeid on RESULTS HYPESPOTTING KOF Heicko Ryan Hart VS|Paladin Twitch Replays Watch live video from VersusScotland on TwitchTV IGT2014 Kof MCZ.Tokido ET Koukou Twitch Replays KOF TOP 8 Youtube replays…