#KOFXIV Arcade Differences / Controversial Tournament Ending

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At a recent tournament, a strange thing occurred.  The last last last match started slowing down, and then for the last chunk of life, the match froze.   We all expected the game to continue at some point, but then Charlybeatz sent a message saying he had won!  His opponent,…

Colombia, Japan Replays

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Colombia This weekend was KOF COLOMBIA CUP II, with support from SNK, Madcatz, AOC, and more!  Check out the photos and replays!  The fight got a big ass crowd watching, so it’s a good showing for KOFXIV. Brackets   Results after the video! Replay: So congratulations to Rockland Kyo for…

#KOF Music Edition

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If you like your KOF soundtracks, guitar covers remixes, you’ll like today’s post! Check out these remixes by JFCT555 Mad Fantasy [youtube id=”ZslS6OdoECA” width=”100%” height=”400″] Still Green Club M [youtube id=”3xIz18ClNZ8″ width=”100%” height=”400″] Get N Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TEDEtRqhUE Esaka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJcoVgb61n4 WebSite : http://jfct555.mugenimperiolatino.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/jfct555mugen Might as well put DJ Dick’s…

#Socal2015 results, replay, #kofxiii in China, #Duelling

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Replays first. We recommend watching the twitch replays in 60fps of course, but if that’s not possible there are some choppy YouTube replays below. Tekken starts DOA at 2:17 KOF at 5:06 Watch live video from leveluplive2 on Twitch If you have problems watching full quality video, you can watch…

Bala, Frionel, Fox, Koopa- Tijuana #KOF13

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[TIJUANA] PRE-EVO TOURNAMENT Supreme Champion: CG|Bala Worthy Adversary: TR|koopa Maybe Next Time: SSZ.Frionel 4th place: DS|Pako 5th place tie: TR.EV|Huevo / FOX replay Watch live video from TeamLagoLive on TwitchTV Watch live video from TeamLagoLive on TwitchTV   Thx Daniel Martinez