Colombia, Japan Replays

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Colombia This weekend was KOF COLOMBIA CUP II, with support from SNK, Madcatz, AOC, and more!  Check out the photos and replays!  The fight got a big ass crowd watching, so it’s a good showing for KOFXIV. Brackets   Results after the video! Replay: So congratulations to Rockland Kyo for…

Nishinippori Climax Battle 70

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Check out MOA, Hiroki, Shoki, Koukou and moarrrr  


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VERY SOON! First of all, here are the brackets for perhaps Japan’s most famous KOF 3vs3 tournament. You’ll see Fox/Mtk.Salim/MF.Tom Sawyer in Block A Note this is a single elimination tournament! Others you may recognise: Block B ON|?????Haregoro ???? Azuki Neko ??? Ringo Block C KOK (2nd place Shadowloo…

#KOFXIII Dune, MOA, Rinomoto, Pam, Ringo and more!

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Dune has started uploaded some older matches that were previously on Nico for you gaijins! Pam vs Dune FT3 Pam vs Rinomoto FT3 KCE 610: New Generation Cup Best 8 featuring Ringo, Pam, MOA and more!!! check out more at his channel

Fox vs MOA FT10 #KOFXIII +RifRaf vs Luis Cha FT5

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PS. For the moment we will be dropping support for Jojo’s. One less game, one less headache! PPS. MOA is not in this photo. Flavours of the month: Duo Lon + Athena. Why Athena, you say? Here, thanks to ChocoboTiger, you have another illegal chance to check out perhaps the…