At a recent tournament, a strange thing occurred.  The last last last match started slowing down, and then for the last chunk of life, the match froze.   We all expected the game to continue at some point, but then Charlybeatz sent a message saying he had won!  His opponent, Em Sal, was still watching the same frozen screen…

So what are you supposed to do in this situation? Check out the stream replay below.

KOFXIV, as part of the Valentine day sales, is now at 60% off!!!!!!!

>>> Get KOFXIV on PSN here <<<


It’s now invite only for spectators too!  No favourites being played here, entrance tickets drawn by lottery and even Keykakko couldn’t get a ticket!

Speaking of Japan… something’s happening Apr 15…

XIV Arcade differences

It seems the devs are working on the arcade version in order for it to roll out onto Nesica Live first before patching the PS4 version.  Nothing serious, but who knows what the future will hold.  Frionel was at the JAEPO show reporting.  We can already see the multiple configs are available.

Speaking of Frionel, guess who’s joining us for Cannes!


Here’s some photos from the JAEPO show!

btw… RIP Esaka 2016, next time grab a case before it’s gone!

Why am I posting a tweet with a blank picture?  Ahhhh

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