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Colombia, Japan Replays

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This weekend was KOF COLOMBIA CUP II, with support from SNK, Madcatz, AOC, and more!  Check out the photos and replays!  The fight got a big ass crowd watching, so it’s a good showing for KOFXIV.



Results after the video!


So congratulations to Rockland Kyo for going all the way!!!

Thanks to Romance for the stream and KOF Colombia Cup for the photos!


Well the E-square Cup was broadcast on Nico and sooooo here’s the replay for you gaijins without a Nico account!

You may remember SR won the last tournament, but Sanwa M’ is here.  How will it end??  Check out the match footage below.

Thanks to GatoRay:

00:01 SR vs Ma-ni-a-u
03:33 Hoshi vs MOA
08:25 SR vs MOA
11:10 Gosho vs Kiri
15:49 SR vs Gosho

19:00 SR vs Gaku
22:23 Mugen vs Shounen
27:35 Nosomi vs [SANWA] M’
32:05 Cap vs Sakamoto
36:03 SR vs Mugen
40:00 [SANWA] M’ vs Cap


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