Persona CMV – Joe Higashi

Pretty much all of Joe’s highlights portrayed in this combo video. Since Persona has completed both Muay Thai fighters back to back, who do you think has the crazier combos? Enjoy!

Persona CMV – Hwa Jai

Easily the best Hwa Jai combo vid to date, Persona has shown us what he (Hwa Jai) is capable of. Expect some tight links and high damage stuff. Tool assistance was used in this vid. Enjoy!

Persona CMV – Mai Shiranui

Persona is back with a new CMV, focusing on the ninja girl Mai Shiranui. Persona shows off some high damage combos off certain meter amounts while displaying some nice 100% kill combos. The vid ends with a 100% combo done in VS, which shows off Mai win pose at a…

#p4a2 Persona 4 Arena.2 Loketest Videos + Updated Changelog

   FGC News ,,,   August 20, 2013  1 Comment

As I was away I wasn’t able to update the site, which is why you’re seeing a flurry of activity as I’m back. Here are some re-uploads of the loketest footage since the originals have been taken down.  You gotta be quick! After the video is the changelog (subject to…

Persona update coming feat Junpei

Persona 4 Arena fans have another reason to keep training, an update is coming soon! Location test Aug 16 in Japan! So now we just have to hope for nerfs for certain characters and … Well you know … The question remains as to whether this an upgrade update or…