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Here are some re-uploads of the loketest footage since the originals have been taken down.  You gotta be quick!

After the video is the changelog (subject to change) har har

You must have seen the screenshots by now right?


P4A2 (P4C) Compiled Changelist
Compiled by MikeMuscles (@MusclesMurphy)
Thanks to Jiyuna (@JiyunaJP) and Stunedge (@HC0519) for information and Omex (@Omecross), Dom (@s_words), and Myung (@GCArcade) for translations!
Most importantly thanks Atlus and Arcsys for such an awesome game!

Universal System Changes:
*Guardroll added.
*New autocombos for everyone
*Air moves can now be used after backdash.
*Blocked DP > Super still in.
*Shadow type characters carries meter over the round. Shadow characters have no burst and awakening.
*Shadow characters carry over their meter from the previous round.
*Shadow Burst: Unlimited meter on a timer.
*Attacks can be canceled into short hop
*Attacks can be done much sooner after a short hop
*Whiffed DPs are not fatal counterable by all moves. False rumors. Only for some characters
*Damage seems significantly lower for ALL characters
*Special cancel possible after D followup for AoA
*Characters now have Skill Boost supers; 75 meter for more damage. (Some supers exempt)
*Gold burst nerfed, much longer overall frames.
*New stage: Entrance to Tartarus.
*Everyone has different number of persona cards:
Elizabeth – 6
Shadow Labrys – 6
Yukiko Amagi – 5
Teddie – 5
Naoto Shirogane – 4
Junpei Iori – 4
Mitsuru Kirijo – 4
Yukari Takeba – 4
Aigis – 4
Yu Narukami – 4
Labrys – 3
Yosuke Hanamura – 3
Kanji Tatsumi – 3
Chie Satonaka – 3
Akihiko Sanada – 2

*Elizabeth confirmed not to have a shadow version.
*5AAA changed
*j.2B like her grounded 2B.
*2C On hit or block, grants a new indicator above her SP gauge: “1hdSwd Master” [T/N originally ?????, a skill gained by Thanatos at level 71 in P3].
*Debilitate Command: Charge 6 -> 4 A or B Elizabeth floats into the air and throws a card downward. If either the card or Elizabeth is hit with an attack, the move activates. Opponent is sent skyward and inflicted with negative penalty. Version differences are in startup and counter duration. Can followup with 5B.
*Ziodyne When in Awakening, beam takes up almost the entire screen Non-awakening A version: Now only one hit, startup decreased.
*Bufudyne Non-awakening A version: Now only one hit. Opponent simply falls after first hit. Awakening B version: Shoots two waves after lifting opponent in the air.
*Agidyne Number of hits, recovery changed while in Awakening. Non-awakening C version: Number of hits decreased, fire ends about midscreen. Non-awakening D version: Number of hits decreased, fire ends about midscreen. Awakening C version: More hits than non-awakening, fire comes from behind after coming from in front. Awakening D version: More hits than non-awakening, fire comes from in front after coming from behind. Awakening SB version: More hits than non-awakening, recovery decreased (?)
*Garudyne Can no longer do Garu > land > combo outside awakening In Awakening, hitbox and power changes, locks opponent on hit. Launches opponent on last hit. Can combo SB Garu into 5C when in awakening. Non-awakening D version: Startup slower, increased recovery, uncertain on block.
+Persona card count increased to six.
+Some specials (Zio, Bufu, Agi, Garu) are changed in awakening.
+Some normals are dash, backdash, and hop-cancelable. Zio and Garu can be performed during a backdash.
+DP Can feint by holding the buttons Feint animation is up to the actual point of the grab Does not seem to have much recovery
-Being persona broken now hurts significantly more. It takes a long time to recover all six cards.
-5C If first hit connects while very close to the opponent, second hit will go through them. Dash- or backdash-canceling first hit causes Thanatos to disappear without performing second hit.

Shadow Labrys:
*No Shadow Form
*Public Execution ([2]8 C or D) Anti-air grab.
*Chain Knuckle Same as Labrys’ version.
*2C and 8C are having their commands swapped.
*Guillotine Axe, ground 214A or B, now groundbounces rather than giving hard knockdown.
*When using Titanomachia, number of attacks is shown above gauge.
+6 Persona cards
+Massive Slaughter ([4]6 C or D) grants Fear on hit.
-2B > 5B chain removed.
-DP no longer wallbounces on counterhit.
-After Titanomachia ends, a separate gauge appears, cannot use persona until gauge fully recovers.

*New move Dancing fire?214 A or B) persona swings her wing out to attack, startup is fast on hit, knocks the opponent away a far distance with fire. SB version available, what it does is currently unknown
*New Super, Vermillion bird, 214214 A or B requires level 6 or above fire. Sakuya rushes forward while on fire in a bird shape, normal version might not be on fire, but video showed one that was (might be SB only based on these notes? unclear) “SB version blows through opponents projectiles, fire attack”
*SB Agidyne Two Agidynes come out
*SB Maragidyne the two Maragidynes happen at the same time.
*5AA animation changed, vacuum effect
+5 Persona Cards
+Agi and Agi SB speed has been increased
+6B speed up, super fast
+5C, 2C hop cancelable
+5C, 2C dash cancelable
+SB boost gives 3 levels of firebreak
-Can’t jump cancel on blocked 2B
-C maragi is slower

*Air AoA possible
*SB missle throws Two Missiles
*New move: Teddie does an uppercut, no idea what it’s for
*Standing and crouching item throw has different item orders
*You can now do 2C in the air by doing J.2C
*New items: Barrier robot, Stealth robot, C3p0 hopper, Car also added, fast, may cause charm.
+5 Persona Cards
-Teddie DP recover is FC
-more recovery on j.C
-D missule recovery icreased
?whether you can throw buckets with standing, then throw it again with crouching is not confirmed?
?SB teddie circus goes through the screen twice? or you can control left/right better?

*4 Persona cards
*2nd hit of AAA is low
*New move: Venom Zapper (Venom Blade), inflicts Poison. Can combo after 5C.
+Double Fangs now useable in the air.
-Sweep > 5D gatling removed.
-Reloading bullets has more recovery
-Traps have more recovery
-SMP Loop removed. No longer possible to loop B Double Fangs.
?During Critical Shot, inputting additional shots auto-corrects Naoto’s direction?
Shadow Naoto
*Has a gun clip meter, current use is unknown.

*Has a baseball bat
*Junpei’s special mechanic is a strikes/balls/outs meter which powers him up the more he hits the oppoent with his bat.
?Junpei has “sweetspots” on some of his moves/supers which give him more runs/assured runs.

*She has 4 persona cards
*New move: Tentarafoo, confuses opponent. Performed with [4]6C/D
*New move: ground ice wave projectile.
+Bufudyne appears to come out faster.
+D Bufula travels roughly half screen distance.
+2DD now causes slide, side swaps and followup combos presumably easier
-If her DP is blocked, she slows down and is easily punishable.
-2B is slower.
-Can no longer combo off 2D (this could mean that you can’t pick them up as they fall after the freeze)
-D follow up doesn’t pull as far (Not sure how this will affect combos)
-5AA is lower. (Confirmed now that this makes 5AA > 5B air combos impossible, so this is a bad thing.)
-Coup Droit B is “much shorter”
-Coup Droit A is “slower”
-Bufudyne is smaller
-Droit hitbox is smaller (assuming smaller vertical hitbox, will catch airborne opponents less)
?Possible major damage nerf
?Invuln changes to 2B and sweep (Assuming this is a bad thing)
?DP range shortened / DP hitbox changed (assuming smaller)

*Is probably a lovechild inbetween Hawkeye and Elf
*Uses a bow
*Lots of projectile moves and fairly quick normals.
?Able to lay traps/homing projectiles?

*She has 4 persona cards
*Something called “airboost” is tied to A+B, new move
*New move: Orion is a new super which is an air command grab
*New move: moving command grab
*Air radical cannon
*SB shield charge: she comes back across for a second pass(wat)
*Can walk in Orgia
*Hovering input is tied to 2A+C in some way.
*New Anti-Air 2C. Can sjc to confirm into a combo.
-slower start up on j.2B and j.C
-Some changes to Megido, proration increased heavily so multiple megdios not possible.
-Air horizontal machine gun removed

*Gatotsu (New super that does not require a Persona, command unknown)
*A feint for 214B
*Command grab
*236A/B Info: 236A – Short dash followed by a slash from his sword/236B – Short dash followed by a throw
+5C Dash cancellable
+j.D now has faster startup
-Sweep>5D can no longer be done
-5C and 2B can no longer jump cancel upon block.
?214B now causes knockdown, but still causes a ground bounce on FC?
?3rd hit of auto combo is now a mini-DP, can now backdash on block?

*New move: Persona shoots bubble. Traps opponent on hit
*New move: Similar to Testament’s Gravedigger.
*New gatlings: 5AA>2B 5AA>5B 5AA>2AB
*Original jBB is j2B now
*jBB input is still there. Doesn’t rise Labrys in combos
*SB Beast does more damage. Burns Axe meter
*SB Gears cover the whole ground.
+Fully charged 2B is unblockable
+Fully charged DP is unblockable
-J.B hitbox weakened
-Only has 3 persona cards
-5AA>5AA Loop doesn’t work anymore
-Axe starts at blue axe each round.
?Brutal slash activates as soon as you take an attack from an enemy?
?2B has changed. Opponent floats higher?

*Glide is still in, faster but shorter.
*j2B is now done with jAB
*Kunai inputs have been changed to j2A (A Version), j2B (B Version) and j2AB (SB Version)
*He has an actual teleport in Sukukaja.
*Has a new auto-combo during Sukukaja.
*New Move dubbed “V Slasher” (Similar to Leona’s V Slasher) “V slasher is a move that moves diagonally down/diagonally nigh fullscreen depending on button.” SB Version does a W Shape.
+Kunais now knockdown
+jC hits twice
+5B and 5C and be dash canceled.
-Moonsault may have lost invulnerability
-Sukukaja is shorter
-3 persona cards
-All Out Attack is slower, CH 5B > AoA no longer connects

*New Move: Shoulder Charge. Might beat projectiles?
*SB chair super wallbounds on last hit. (Functions like Naoto wallbound?)
*214214CD doesn’t have 0F startup, but increased range over 214214C/D.
+236A/B performable in air.
+Command Throws are available in Persona Break.
+5C causes Paralysis on hit
-Persona Cards lowered to 3.
-j.B to 214B no longer works.
-Air backdash distance reduced by half.
-Normal grab range shortened.
-Recovery after j.C is increased.
-j.B Untechable time reduced
?5AA and 5AAA are now different. 5AA now hits like A.B.A.’s Moroha HS, 5AAA throws the opponent into the air. Theoretically can combo after that with air moves. 5AA has the same cancel options as it does now.
?236A/B followup changed, not quite sure how at the moment. SB version is either unchanged or just hasn’t been changed yet.
?Faster sweep
?D grab changed (able to move before throw comes out?)

*move similar to yun’s lunge punch. can chain into black spot on guard. SB version fatals and wallbounces
* removed, the second hit can now be done with j.2b
*2c’s animation changed, and now freezes the opponent on hit.
*SB god hand gives 2 god hands
*SB meteors appear behind the opponent, forcing them towards you.
-3 persona cards
-DP hasn’t changed much, but recovery is now an FC state
-b skullcracker is harder to combo with/harder to combo off of
-meteors now shoot out less meteors
-Sweep>5DD no longer gives true guaranteed oki. Can non-tech to get hit out, or possibly hit persona with anyone’s 5A?
?meteors MIGHT not be guaranteed on use? it’s not confirmed

*Cyclone cancels now go up to 5
*New move: sonic punch 22A/B rush forward and do an upper, changes based on cyclone
*2C Changed to be anti air attack (uses ‘grab’, but not the word for grab they usually mean for command grabs)
*New autocombo is some straight up DBZ stuff
*B cork floats at some cyclone levels
*Comboing into lvl5 Cork or SB Cork is fatal
*Third hit of 5AAA cyclone cancelable on block.
+Suction on D is much longer
-2 cards
-sweep D is no longer possible
?comboing with DP might be harder (sounds like lv2 up untech time is adjusted, probably due to cyclone levels? that’s my speculation though. 5B still fatals for sure, might be to change combo routes on that)
?footage confirms comboing into hook can give you a fatal mid combo, guy drops combo immediately after however?
?Combing into lvl5 hook fatals as well?
~Shadow Aki can cancel A Cork > SP Duck > B cork, tested by Domi In shadowburst

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