#KoFXIII finals EVO 2016

Keep an eye on the final stages to come! Bubblan achieved a huge victory to defeat Frionel, but Ren, Luis Cha and Violent Kane, Huevo & Matador are still fighting through! Watch live video from KingsofCO on www.twitch.tv

Lonestar Admonition 2!

  Yes ladies and gentlemen! It is here! The Tournament that will welcome the IGT champ Misterio back in to the states!! The first chance anyone will have to defeat the current summit of KOF XIII! Will the Texas Champ hailing from California, Luis Cha, be able to defend his…

IGT 2015 is live now!!

After a 2 hour delay IGT2015 finally went live. You can enjoy the stream (which has started already with KOF98UMFE) right here: Also, you can see it on Douyu: IGT2015 on DouyuTV You can also check out the brackets here (only 98UMFE have been uploaded so far): IGT2015 brackets If…

Streaming Pool 1 @ CEO Gaming.

Luis Cha, etc. Streaming soon!   Watch live video from Ceogaming on www.twitch.tv

Stunfest Matches feat Luis Cha, Salim & Louffy + Gutts Tips

Armshouse just uploaded some matches that you missed from Stunfest, featuring MCZ.Luis Cha, MD.Louffy, MM.Salim, LLL.Kenpachi CDV.Steeve Tikok CDV.2pac & MM.Jerome!! Check em out! Bonus: from Tortita for Saiki fans From GuttsCL Did that help you? Please help GUTTS!!! [donation-can goal_id=’help-gutts-to-evo’ style_id=’default’ show_progress=true show_description=true show_donations=false show_title=true title=”] Ps did you…