Ougi’s Round Robin

The Highlands etc etc stereotypes, who cares, let’s get down and play some more KOF! Tournament Information: Entry will be £3. Sign up will start around 12 and casuals will be available. Event starts at 1pm, everybody will play everybody. If you have to leave early let me know so…

#uniel replays

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From our 8 man tournament last night. Thanks minna san! Brackets Pre tournament casuals

KOF XIII casuals prior to Hyper Battle

The amazing crew in Colorado is streaming casuals for KOF XIII right now. They have also confirmed that since the main game is KOF. KOF will take priority, and will be the only game that will stream exclusively from their channel for the entire Hyper Battle event… so go check…

Streaming #KOF Ratio Tournament from MELTDOWN PARIS

I’ll be streaming the first KOF RATIO Tournament for the next few hours! Come join! I’ll move Kim next time lol Twitch refused to connect for some reason so we’re on Ustream. Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

KOF XIII casuals from Mexico City

Luis Cha, Violent Kain, Kusanagi throwing some casuals live right now… Keep an eye on Violent Kain’s Ren’s style Iori Yagami infinite Loop:   Watch live video from MexiKOF on TwitchTV