Clan News: Gravelneed’s Report of NEC XI

   FGC News ,,   December 18, 2010  1 Comment

NEC was extremely fun. There were some problems though. My two shirts came out great.? I got asked who I was from ON several times. Sorry (for the lack of photos), but someone dropped a 1st generation PS3 on my only camera($120) in the 3D fighter room. Needless to say,…

Clan News: Giga D hits #1 2k2UM XBL

   FGC News ,   November 16, 2010  2 Comments


ON 2k2 Tourney Result

   FGC News ,   October 29, 2010  1 Comment

Kakashisaid02 and usernamer met again but revenge was not gained!? Usernamer took a comfortable lead against Tinfou but it was the best of 5 matches.? Near the end, it looked like usernamer was starting to fool around, and Tinfou used Goro to snatch back the win, and then go on…

Clan News: KOF XIII Tournament @ La Mythik

   FGC News ,,   October 28, 2010  3 Comments

Every Match: Playlist link if the above doesn’t work Or if you wanted to skip straight to the finals: [youtube][/youtube] Hokuto Yousseff had the advantage having had some good practice but Jeremie knows his KOF well, easily pulling out 2k2 style cancels. The finals were best of 5.? In the…

Clan News: Giga D wins 2k2 Tournament (June 2010)

   FGC News   October 27, 2010  2 Comments

This is an example of how we’re going to promote clan members. Giga D’s GGPO handle is Usernamer123.?? I still don’t know how he managed to fight online considering the distance to Morocco, but whatever, that’s impressive!? His opponent, Kakashi02said, had some nice tricks too. [youtube][/youtube] [Official page] As you…