Majijam 2k2um Combo Video Volume 8

Majijam is back with a new combo video in this CV series of KoF 2k2um. His latest is on the unlockable bosses spanning from 99-2k2. Some interesting combos and concepts brought to life, as the Geese ones in the beginning were my favorite! [youtube][/youtube] Enjoy!


   FGC News ,,,   November 1, 2010  6 Comments

by ON Clan Member, SVB09 Semi-Finalist, MichelS KoF XIII has to live up to high expectations! After so many years developing KoF XII and alienating their core fans it looks like SNKP doesn’t have the luxury of another fiasco. My approach here is a bit different as I’ve played the…

ON 2k2 Tourney Result

   FGC News ,   October 29, 2010  1 Comment

Kakashisaid02 and usernamer met again but revenge was not gained!? Usernamer took a comfortable lead against Tinfou but it was the best of 5 matches.? Near the end, it looked like usernamer was starting to fool around, and Tinfou used Goro to snatch back the win, and then go on…