La Mythik is closing!!!

   FGC News   November 2, 2010  2 Comments

That wonderful arcade in Paris, France is closing down. The owner, Hukuto Youssef, explained that the doors will shut for good by the end of November. However, they will be moving to a new location, hinting it will be easier to find – which should mean closer to the centre…

Clan News: KOF XIII Tournament @ La Mythik

   FGC News ,,   October 28, 2010  3 Comments

Every Match: Playlist link if the above doesn’t work Or if you wanted to skip straight to the finals: [youtube][/youtube] Hokuto Yousseff had the advantage having had some good practice but Jeremie knows his KOF well, easily pulling out 2k2 style cancels. The finals were best of 5.? In the…

KOF XIII Videos from clan trip to La Mythik

   FGC News ,   October 27, 2010  No Comments

Notice the buttons left and right on the video interface- this is a playlist of all the XIII videos I captured @ La Mythik. Tournament HD direct capture coming up next! Here’s the link to the Playlist in case of problems.

KOF XIII Weekend: Notes and Trip Photos

   FGC News ,   October 25, 2010  8 Comments

When you get to play XIII, you’ll face a few things: Iori spamming jump D.? Not unlike 98, you’ll need to have extremely fast reactions to anti air with a good standing A or other anti air such as Beni’s c B.? I need to measure the block stun as…

Kof XIII weekend 2nd report

   FGC News ,   October 24, 2010  4 Comments

Imagine an arcade that has all the latest fighters, plus the classics. La Mythik has all of this, in Paris, France. Imagine a free play session evening, where you can play anything there for the total price of ?8. La Mythik also has this. Imagine this session going on till…