Kakashisaid02 and usernamer met again but revenge was not gained!? Usernamer took a comfortable lead against Tinfou but it was the best of 5 matches.? Near the end, it looked like usernamer was starting to fool around, and Tinfou used Goro to snatch back the win, and then go on with some hefty Kim combos and a speedy Iori crossup to claim victory.? Not bad for a last minute reserve!!!

Having watched Freezer earlier in the day, there was an upset as z_link made good on his bragging, as he knocked him out in the first round.? Facing Shine2, Gunsmith took Kyo, gambling that nobody had seen him play… but this didn’t really help.? Shine went on to beat his Iori as well but Gunsmith’s classic Clark did his duty!? Gunsmith then lost outright, screaming at his controller and blaming lag lol.? Shine went on to face Kakashisaid02 but had a nagging brother in the background (he wanted to play Evo online).? Excuses and reasons only go so far in tournaments: for the record, you lost (that goes for me too!).

I was unable to connect and watch orochimaru and shinkodo, the crowd reaction was good so that’s a shame, maybe somebody will upload videos.

So, good result for ON clan, usernamer aka Giga D hit 2nd place.? If the netcode for 2k2um is good, then goodbye ggpo spam and the various homophobic slurs about whores and somebody’s mother in various languages!!? If not…. see you next time XD

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