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Clan News: Gravelneed’s Report of NEC XI

   FGC News ,,   December 18, 2010  1 Comment

NEC was extremely fun. There were some problems though. My two shirts came out great.? I got asked who I was from ON several times. lolSorry (for the lack of photos), but someone dropped a 1st generation PS3 on my only camera($120) in the 3D fighter room. Needless to say, I was pissed.

I couldn’t enter Garou because I was out trying to fix a problem with my credit card during sign-ups unfortunately. I did have a lot of casuals though. Got to play Chris Hu and my new friend Joe. They are very good players. No doubt. Also, I was helping NerdJosh with the mechanics of Garou. The guy who brought the cab was nice enough to allow players to ask if they wanted Neo Geo layout .A.B .C .D

or standard layout

.A .C


Then he would rewire it accordingly.

NEC XI results for Garou: Mark Of The Wolves on Sammy Atomiswave Arcade Cabinet

1.)Steve H. ($36) Split the pot
1.)Justin Wong ($36) Split the pot
3.)Danny ($8)
4.)Chris Hu

Steve H seems like a cool guy but hates it when people split the pot. I was looking foward to recording the final battle. Oh well.

So I entered KOF2002UM on 360 instead. I play on PS2 pad and of course there were problems with the converter. So I had to do my match on stick. Obviously, that sent me to Losers Bracket. By that time the converter was fixed and I fought my next match and won. Victory was short lived though as I was beaten by the next person and was out of the tournament.

King of Fighters 2002UM on Xbox 360:

1. rogueyoshi
2. Chris Hu
3. ElderGOD

Now that I was out of KOF, I spent my time trying to look for SNK games up in the hotel rooms. I went to the Team Spooky Poverty room where a huge crowd was gathered playing Arcana Heart 3. After having lots of fun with that, the room connected to it on the right they were playing KOF2002UM. So I spent the rest of the night alternating between the two games. The room connected to the left of the main room(AH3) there was 10 or so playing Super Turbo and nobody was playing the SSFIV setup.

The next night after the hotel personnel said we had to go upstairs, I went back to the Team Spooky room where I played my new friend Tone in KOF2002UM and KOFXI. He’s very good player with a monster Aldelheid, B.Jenet, Gato team. He did give me some pointers and complemented my Vanessa and Ash play style.

The 3rd night after coming out from Team Sp00ky’s room again, I went to the Most Infamous’ room where we played Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and KOF2002UM. We played till about 5 in the morning.

Even though I wish all of my tournaments went better, I had so much fun, it didn’t bother me. I got tips from lots of SNK players. So I’m glad for that. I learned a lot!

More Photos @ Kooper’s Flickr

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