3 Favourite 2k2um Gallery Pics

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WE WILL BE STREAMING THIS LIVE: Tournament Format: Round Robin and Elimination Brackets Side Events (free to enter) Russian 3v3 (Seeded and random teams) First to 5 single elimination bracket SIGN UP HERE or at Neo-Empire Times:  22nd May at the White Bear in West Ruislip.  The same format will…

Sisters 2002UM Matches JPN

   FGC News   May 3, 2011  1 Comment

As posted by Toxic Avanger in the forums: Satan-sama has- erm; I mean, I did a small collection of Shimai battles for everyone to enjoy. The girls (tentative(?)) pretty much specialize in playing characters that they like and thus it ends up that we see things that characters that competitive…

Maxima Guard Points Everything (??????????????)

Thx to the Master for this: if your jaw doesn’t drop, you simply don’t understand what you are seeing. The manly man sideburns might-as-well-be-a-Presley fan shows you what he’s really capable of in 2002um: “Taken from Nico Nico Douga ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? By the way Maxima is sexy; I’d accidentally…

Are you getting ready for UC7? Duelling 9th 2002UM Videos

More 2002UM videos to help you prepare! If you turn up without having any practice, well, you know what will happen. Duelling the Kof Season 9 – 3 on 3 – Part 1 Saisoku/Nobita/Akihisa vs. Oogosho/Desama Duelling the Kof Season 9 – 3 on 3 – Part 2 Tosumedo/Chiposu/KATSUO vs….