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Canton Cup 6 streaming Now

updated with twitch channel.

#CantonCup #yacheng has started and will continue over the weekend!  Featuring Mad KOF, Xiaohai, Freezer, Humanbomb, Poongko & more!

Stream site:

Notably for foreigners the site has been full of buffering and difficult to watch.

Hopefully will be running for the weekend.

Watch live video from yangchengcup on

Full Schedule

Attendees Schedule for competitor going to china(China time)
Friday (8/12) 2:00PM – Badge pickup for spectators and competitor
                   7:00PM – KOF 98 pool to grand final
Saturday (8/13) 9:40AM Street Fighter V team tournament check in
                       10:00AM team Tournament starts
                       12:30PM team tournament final
                       1:00PM Street Fighter V tournament(individual) ABCD pool to top 16
                       3:00PM Street Fighter V tournament(individual) EFGH pool to top 16
                       7:30PM Street Fighter V top 16 to top 8
Sunday(8/14) 9:40 AM KOF 14 competitor check in
                    10:00AM KOF 14 pool to grand final
                    2:00PM Street Fighter V Team battle (Country vs Country)
                    7:00PM Street Fighter V (individual) Top8
Stream Schedule for international viewer (USA Pacific Daylight Time)
Friday(8/12) 4:00AM – KOF 98 pool to grand final
Friday(8/12) 7:00PM Street Fighter V Team tournament starts
                  9:30PM Street Fighter V Team final
                  10:00PM Street Fighter V tournament(individual)ABCD pool to top 16
Saturday(8/13)12:00AM Street Fighter V tournament(individual)EFGH pool to top 16
                     4:30AM Street Fighter V top 16 to top 8
                     7:00PM KOF 14 pool to grand final
                     11:00PM Street Fighter V Team Battle(Country VS Country)
Sunday(8/14) 4:00AM Street Fighter V(individual) Top8

Stream site:

More info here

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