Leo as Guilty Gear Xrd DLC and app #ggxrd

Huh. ’17 characters worth by the end of the year’?’online lobby  64 people maximum’ ?Also, apparently in development, a PS4  smartphone  application which will provide notification of tournament creation and entry, match start; confirmation of the contents and results. source   More info to come! ??????#GG??????????60????? pic.twitter.com/QiVHb0buPu — ????????? (@sowel_sk3) May 10, 2014

#CEO2014 Results #DKOSE Stream

SF, Marvel, KOF, BB etc with Superplays/Speed runs of classics like Kirby and more! Force D’Gyp, Frionel and Salim will all be there for some killer matches which (if we break the 45 player minimum) will send the winner to EVO! Thanks to Team Lago for these results Resultados de CEO 2014 hasta el momento …

New Streaming Widget and #Jojo_asb Poll Results

Top feedback is a tie between YES and TOO BUSY WITH KOF! With the release of Steam KOF, it’s not hard to see why, and that’s more than fine with me! I’ll take down the poll soon, but it’s good to know how you feel about Jojo.  (edit) Now patched, so it may turn out …

GGxrd notes from MMCafe

I checked out the GGXrd loketest. Quite impressive. I’m not going to write about the character details because I haven’t played the GG series in nearly a decade, and there’s better sites to search for technical details like Dustloop. However, this should give people a good idea of the hype surrounding the loketest, and how …

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