New Streaming Widget and #Jojo_asb Poll Results

Top feedback is a tie between YES and TOO BUSY WITH KOF!

With the release of Steam KOF, it’s not hard to see why, and that’s more than fine with me!

I’ll take down the poll soon, but it’s good to know how you feel about Jojo.  (edit) Now patched, so it may turn out to be a good game, but it’s certainly different…

Did you notice the stream widget? It’ll tell you automatically if any of our favourite streams are online.  Pretty cool!  The formatting is a bit meh but it works!

And if you heard me tweet about GGXrd on PS4, it’s on Ps3 too.  Will be interesting how the PS4 version will be better.  Sony no doubt will be showering Arcsys with kisses in order to make sure gamers will have to buy the PS4 in order to get the full GG experience…


Oh btw  #JOJO_asb DLC 9/26  “Dangerous Men” : Vanilla Ice, Narciso Anasui , “Inheritable purpose”: Lisa Lisa, Old Joseph

Well, till next time…

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