Russian Fighting Tour #2 Russian Guilty Gear XRD ranbat starts very soon PRO Quals and Novice Round 1!

Guilty Gear XRD

Guilty Gear XRD local tournament ON AIR

Leo as Guilty Gear Xrd DLC and app #ggxrd

Huh. ’17 characters worth by the end of the year’?’online lobby  64 people maximum’ ?Also, apparently in development, a PS4  smartphone  application which will provide notification of tournament creation and entry, match start; confirmation of the contents and results. source   More info to come! ??????#GG??????????60????? — ????????? (@sowel_sk3) May 10,…

Drive @Stunfest Allez!

While WGC became IVGC and is being run by a professional company, it seems Stunfest has decided to go for the public support route to fund their next spectacular. 10,000 Euros should be enough to get a few foreign guests over, at least! With 48% already met, this could mean…

#GGACR Mikado #BBCP NipponAmuse Matches

Here’s a batch of Guilty Gear ACR and Blazblue Chronophantasma matches! more at HardEdge more at HardEdge