GGxrd notes from MMCafe

I checked out the GGXrd loketest. Quite impressive. I’m not going to write about the character details because I haven’t played the GG series in nearly a decade, and there’s better sites to search for technical details like Dustloop.

However, this should give people a good idea of the hype surrounding the loketest, and how the game felt in terms of presentations. (Note: Skip to Part 3 if you don’t care about the hype.)

I – Best Loketest, EVER.

There were about 120 people lining up outside before the loketest even started, a little past 11. Everyone shouted out “LET’S ROCK!” when the playing began. Needless to say the core staff were there including Blazblue producer Mori, who skipped out quickly from the scene.

Although it doesn’t directly have to do with the game, this loketest was probably the best & effecient loketest that I’ve ever been at since the Fatal Fury Special and Virtua Fighter 1 days. I was pretty skeptical because the hosting arcade is pretty grimy and small; their past loketests with Meltyblood and KOF had been horrible experiences where a ton of people were always trying to fit in while there were also customers playing other normal videogames.

At today’s loketest though, Sega took all out all their normal games at the arcade’s 4th floor and dedicated the floor to just the loketest. It was the roomiest loketest I’ve been to, and even better, nobody smoked– all the customers revolved too fast for that, especially with a 3 win limit. The effort showed just how serious that Arc System Works and Sega’s Amusement division is about the game.

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