Xiaohai vs Wawa – Battle of the Little Boys! #Admonition #KOF #GLCWC

XiaoHai vs Wawa at Cannes Winter Clash If you didn’t know, Xiaohai means little boy, and he was given this name as he started playing KOF at the age of 6. Wawa also started rather young but well, neither of them are little boys anymore! Let’s see how it went…

FReezer Drive #GLCWC #KOF Replays Part 2 #IGT

FREEZER DRIVE Did we say FReezer? Yes, it’s that time again. The community has pitched together to send Frionel, Salim, Fox, Khannibalito and Tom Sawyer to tournaments all over the world. This time, we would like to send Freezer to IGT. Freezer works as a teacher in Morocco. It is…

Cannes Replays & Results #KOF part 1

98UMFE KOF13 All Other results KOF TOP 8 – TOP 4 KOF TOP 4 SF4 5v5/ GGXRD3v3/KOF 5v5 KOF Finals You’ll get to see Poongko do the nasty… Sako on GGxrd and Team Italy strike in KOF Watch live video from Gameslines on Twitch More at their channel of course….

NEC/Big E Gaming KOF Top 8 at 4PM Eastern Time(USA)

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  KOF 13 Top 8 Streaming shortly at 4 P.M. Braket Stream

SLR and Versus-Pro Gaming Tournament!

Ladies and Gents! This tournament about to go down! USF IV, UMVC and KOF  Tonight! Stay tuned for a special KOF event! Casuals going on right now! Ft. Misterio, Real Kim, Daniel Hiruma, Ziwa, and ON Vicio! Bracket <-Clicky