Bug Fixes

First off, KOFXIV v1.04 patch is now out, with a few more bugs ironed out.

?The issue appearing in story mode after beating Antonov with specific teams has  been fixed.

?Text issues during the tutorial have been fixed.

?Other minor bugs have been fixed.

?The acquisition of room information has been improved.

?The letters’ position of « Entered » displayed while « Wait in training mode » in ranked match has been adjusted.

?Online functionalities have been improved.

Full character specifics here

Chilly Combos

A combo round up featuring Dark Chaotix and more!

This Wednesday in Paris, KOF & GGXRD


That cancel into CD is haaaaaaaaaaaard boyyeeeeee!

Here’s some more K’


Don’t forget we have the KOFXIV Survey now in:


Verse Guide has been updated with very important info about comboing the 1hit crumple from rdp P with far C!!! Well done El Rosa for finding this!  Versssssseeee

Ramon guide also updated with a few notes.

KOFXIV app updated with some frame data…. (check in 24 hours)

Canada Cup Results

Top 8 went down at 9am in the morning, which was pretty bad for the locals but a great time for the rest of the world!

Special mentions to Vicio who defeated Dakou in pools!  Still, Dakou adapted and came back to snatch the qualifying spot!

Congrats to all participants!

Watch the replays here :

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