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Ramon is not as dangerous as in previous games but still packs a few good tools for mixups.  He lacks a fast super that can be cancelled which means he needs 4 bars and 1250 MM to do the best damage.  He has no long fast pokes so needs to go for knockdowns or crossups.  He’s a daredevil character for those who like to take risks, with his iffy wall jumping super, that may or may not lead to great success!

Best Position: Mid or Anchor 

Best Tools:

  • (air HP)
  • (air HPHK)
  • Stand LK



  • Crouch : can chain – has a large hitbox – hits ABOVE himself!!!!
  • Stand : good, hits crouching opp!
  • Far : Good poke, longer than LK!
  • Hop : can hit very deep
  • Jump : same


  • Crouch : bad move.
  • Stand : hits low and combos! Use it!
  • Far : good body hitting poke
  • Hop : ok
  • Jump : can crossup
Stand LK has to be cancelled very quickly into anything so it’s better to add a stand LP first, which gives you more time to confirm a hit at no disadvantage.


  • Crouch : Great range for a poke but vulnerable to hops
  • Stand : 7F Good! Can be used as anti air… 70 dmg
  • Far : 8f Good speed and range! Super cancel!
  • Hop : Same as jump, great for crossups
  • Jump : Same as hop


  • Crouch : Slow
  • Stand : 1f slower than HP (8f) Huge recovery but 80 dmg.
  • Far : premptively stop hops. Super cancel!
  • Hop : Good dive angle
  • Jump : Same as hop

far HK can be used to fool an opponent into blocking, if they crouch, it will whiff, which you can then follow with a grab.


  • Stand: when close to corner, Ramon lv 1 Diablo will connect to the crumpling opponent but you still have to cancel it.
  • Air: Great for air to air battles
Also note: Ramon can wall jump

Command Normals

? LPHead Butt”

  • Overhead
  • In chains cannot cancel
  • So, Stand HP > LP is useless*
  • LP > ?? HP is great!

*Update: Check out the video in the strategy section.

?LK “Drop Kick”

  • Won’t cancel out of chain
  • Huge recovery, so
  • combo it into K
  • or cancel it into  HP

?? P “Hikiokoshi”  

  • Use after Headbutt or Rolling Sobat
  • Can be cancelled into Supers



P Drop Kick / Feint

  • Attack
  • Strangely isn’t listed correctly in the ps4 moves list
  • hold the button and Ramon will walk backwards and forwards (up to 4 times)
  • LP will unleash a drop kick
  • HP just walks
  • Allows for some links if you cancel fast enough, even CD

Notes: Use to cancel moves and get back. For example, crouching HK.  However, it doesn’t gain meter, so you should be using Tiger Road cancel instead.

You can use qcb HP repeatedly just to increase the distance between you and opponent.

The drop kick can catch some people by surprise, and it’s all about not being predictable, right?

P “Tiger Neck Chancery” [EX]

  • Grab
  • Use from standing B combo
  • Don’t use in heavy combos, use sobat instead
  • Use for 1 frame reversals

1.K “Rolling Sobat”  [EX]

  • LK is faster
  • HK version has more range

2.K “Flying Body Attack”

  • Only works after Rolling Sobat

3.??P “Hikiokoshi”

  • Only works after:
  • Headbutt
  • Flying Body Attack

K “Somersault” EX

  • Running Grab
  • No invincibility (even EX)
  • Very fast!
  • EX is crazy fast
  • On a sleeping opponent you can do:
  • HP > ?LK > K and it will connect
  • cancel the run with LPLK

HK “Tiger Road” EX

Follow with:

  • LPLK “Feint Dash” stop running
  • upfwd “Feint Jump” stop running and do a front flip!
  • K “Cross Chop” After jumping onto wall, Ramon will attack
  •  qcf P “Force of Will” After jumping off wall, Ramon will travel most of the screen to try to grab opponent.  Follow with Hikiokoshi.
Importantly, this follow up “Force of Will” is new for KOFXIV. Make sure to use it!  It’s great when Ramon is backed up in the corner against an aggressive hopping opponent.
The EX Tiger Road is much faster.  The Force of Will doesn’t go any further, however.
Note: Normal Force of Will cannot hit crouching opponents.  Cross Chop will hit but that’s not safe on block and flies the same distance.  EX Force of Will will hit crouching opponents.

??LP,HP “Bird of Paradise” (BOP)

  • Annoying input, piano it.
  • Not Hikiokoshi!
  • A front flip
  • Can crossup
  • Hits OTG! Use after knockdown in corner
  • Bird of Paradise >  Hikiokoshi!
  • But combos ending with BOP will not allow Hikiokoshi.
  • Effectively the same as hopping over a projectile
  • You can extend the range by cancelling cr HK
Don’t use the Bird of Paradise in front of an opponent with an anti air.  Use it after midscreen knockdowns.  There are a few crafty things to do with this move, check the strategy section…

Supers & Climax

HCB x2 P “Tiger Spin” [Max]

  • Grab
  • Cannot Adv or Climax Cancel
  • Best used as reversal

QCBHCFK “El Diablo Amarillo Ramon Volando” 

  • Air attack, not a grab
  • Has poor range and speed.
  • Max is great, causes a time freeze.  Can be used to punish whiffed moves!
  • Max is not invincible but can be used to punish some jump in attacks.
  • Next to no opportunity to advanced cancel.
  • Due to Max Mode forcing lv 2, you can’t adv cancel so are left with Climax.
  • This is why Ramon is most effective on mid or anchor.

HCBx2 KK Hyper Sonic Ramon”

  • Running grab
  • Can’t grab crumpled opp
  • Can’t be used as anti air
  • Has some fireball invincibility?!??!
  • Opponent can safely jump away

Best Combos

With no bars

  • HP > ? LK >   HP = 225
  • HP > ? LK > K>K>??P = 229 

Optimal 1 bar

  • Starter: LP or LK or HK or HP >
  • > Maxmode > HK > dp HK > dp K > ??P xx   KK 

Optimal 2bars

  • HK > ? LK xx MAXMODE xx HK > ? LK > KK K>K> ??P xx   KK
  • 2 bars 577 damage 
  • in corner he can add ?? LP, HP to get 587
  • super grab version nets you 552 damage
Tiger Spin : 330 dmg
Diablo : 348 dmg
And as we said before, it’s better to use Sobat for combos.
Ramon really needs 2 bars.  Look at these options:
HP > ? LK xx MAXMODE xx HP > ? LK + one of the following:
  •  K>K> ??P xx HCB PP = 471 dmg
  • compared to the same combo without Maxmode = 468 uhhhh
  • with lv2 diablo super = 471
SO … to get real damage you need to pop the EX sobat, but you can’t do that at position 1 (because he loses the free lv2 super). Again, he needs to be at position 2 or 3. Then you can do EX Sobat > sobat to get 569+ damage.
Using the EX Sobat for extra damage
  • HP > ? LK xx MaxMode > HP > ? LK > KK>K>K> ??P xx HCB P
  • 2 bars 459 damage 
This is no good because the max mode expires and so you only get lv 1.  That’s why in mid or anchor Ramon is more powerful as he’ll get the lv2 bonus for free.
  • HP > ? LK xx MAXMODE xx HP > ? LK > KK K>K> ??P xx   KK 
  • 2 bars 559 damage 

His biggest problem is that his only cancellable super is his diablo, which at level 1, won’t reach anything, unless Ramon has his back to the corner, with the opponent next to him.

Crazy stuff
If you magically have the opportunity to land a CD blowback (HKHP) then do this!
  • HPHK >  K xx > HCB x2 PP
  • 3 bars 412 dmg
Too expensive!  In this situation you should be able to get a combo instead!  But for fun you can do:
  • HPHK >  K xx > HCB x2 KK
  • 4 bars 494 dmg
Worthless! Don’t do it!
EX Sobat crumples… so if you use Max mode then you can actually get the crumple to combo a climax
  • HP > ? LK xx LKHP > HP > ? LK > KK>  K xx > HCB x2 kk
  • 5 bars 609 damage
Of course this is worthless and just for fun.

He really needs a minimum 4 meters to be able to do damage and still it’s not going to kill.

  • HP > ? LK xx LKHP > HP > ? LK > KK> K ??P xx   KK xx > HCB x2 kk
  • 5 bars 679 damage

Pitiful damage!

More advanced combos including dropkick cancel into CD!!!



At far range

In essence, against a top tier, Ramon must rely on far LK with far HP to pressure, which is pretty bad. His quickest punish is crouch A. Bait them with dancing and knock them down with Ramon’s excellent CD.

At mid range

He can break guard with an early jump HP to crossup but that leaves him open to reversals.  He can use dp HK at range to tick damage and follow with far HP, then it’s back to far LK.

Crouching HP > Drop kick cancel is only good against the scared opponent but if you have the better mind game and a slower opponent you can inflict the mixups (see below).

At close range

His best range is just outside of close range where he can try to get the crossup.

  • stand LK
  • stand LP for attack and defense
  • crouch LP for anti hop defense
  • aim for crossup HP

Have 2 stocks ready to use his flying super to get past projectiles and crossup attempts!

After knockdown

  • stand LK > LP > grab
  • overhead
  • crossup

In a no-mistake situation, Ramon attacks with his CD, then the only safe follow up is standing LP.  All he can do is press some buttons and hope to get a maxmode combo.  Against an opponent looking to anti air, one trick is to break their guard with early HK and then go for a grab on the way down.  Otherwise, just keep pressing with LP / HP / LK with the occasional qcb HP cancel.  Maneuver yourself till you can get a crossup jump.

Meter Build Dance

Ramon can cancel his run and cancel his wall run, both of which build meter:

  • hcf K xx LPLK
  • qcb LK xx LPLK

So you can do both to go back and forth to build meter

Post hug mixups

After a grab, Ramon is too far away to employ a mixup with his deadly stand LK and so is forced to go to his low drop kicks or try a splash to crossup.  Going up high for the Force of Will is very likely to fail against an opponent who backs off, ironically will work more against one that will try to anti air.

Setup: Bird of Paradise 

This move is utterly useless against an opponent that will press buttons when they see you jump.  However…

  • (blocked) Crouching HP  ? LK ??LP,HP can cross up characters and then you can follow up with Hikiokoshi and super!
  • Try it from other situations.
  • In fact after the RaMonster (flying super) he has a little uh mixup – use the following video + empty hop!

Drop Kick Cancel

[ Crouching HP > ? LK ] is your friend but you must learn to cancel it as fast as possible with qcb + HP

Use the increased buffer and hold buttons to ensure moves are executed.

If you don’t do this, Ramon is vulnerable.

Then do it so that you can’t even see the cancel.  Ramon will be left much closer so you can do it again.

Then you can mix up by using a Sobat instead of another loop.  Or running in…

In fact, if you can do it REALLY fast you can use it to combo!  Personally I’m baffled how fast you need to be but it seems to be used to combo into CD in this video

Grapple mix ups:

Typical grappler tactics work:

  • hop attack > ? LP > etc
  • hop attack > or stand LK

Force of Will cancels are a real hail Mary but a very easy way to get over half damage.  Get the Hikiokoshi and cancel away!  Best to use 2 bars only, really.

Far Super Buffer 

  • Far HP and HK are supercancellable so always buffer a super and then try to hit confirm


  • For the advanced cancel, the best point is just after Ramon finishes his rushing combo on the opponent, before going for his drop kick finish.
  • For the climax, push the buttons to coincide with Ramon sticking his fingers out for the pose before the drop kick.
  • Hold the button down to get that buffer to work.

Setup: Drop the pickup

  • After a sobat + flying body attack : if you miss the hikiokoshi you can still get a hop crossup! Or just hold up forward.

Setup: To headbutt or not headbutt?

I previously stated that HP > LP is useless.  Gilstolemyride shows how the hard knockdown could be used for a great mixup!

Safe Jump

Try some of these!

Frame Data


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