Verse KOFXIV Guide




Summary: All the bad energy

Good character but lacks instant reversal. Vulnerable to rush down and especially crouching attacks.

Best Position:


Best Tools:

  • almost safe rdp LP on hit
  • CD
  • LP


A bit of a mish mash really :3


  • Verse gets his name from the Universe




LP “Light Punch”

  • Crouch : fast and big hitbox
  • Stand : fast and big hitbox / good anti air?
  • Far : fast and big hitbox – cancels! GREAT
  • Hop : fast and big hitbox
  • Jump : same



LK “Light Kick”

  • Crouch : chains into LP
  • Stand : not so good
  • Far : fast and big hitbox
  • Hop : ok
  • Jump : same



HP “Heavy Punch”

  • Crouch : 2 hit cancel on any
  • Stand : Slow overhead. Super cancels
  • Far : fast and causes juggle
  • Hop : big hitbox and active for a long time but can’t hit crouching opponents
  • Jump : same and crosses up standing opponents

Notes: far HP chains into fwd LK, causing another juggle…


HK “Heavy Kick”

  • Crouch : See command moves below
  • Stand : Very fast 2 hitter
  • Far : guard point!  Super Cancel
  • Hop : fast and big hitbox
  • Jump : same



HPHK “CD Blowback”

  • Stand: bit slow but huge hitbox, and can be cancelled at any time, giving him huge range and a veritable mixup as opponent has to react to either anti air, projectile or grab
  • Air: big box

Can follow wall bounce with overhead

Best use: HPHK xx qcf HP xx qcf x2 HP

Check Strategy section for more


Command Normals

db HK 

  • Short Slide
  • fast recovery


dwn HK 

  • Medium slide


df HK

  • Long slide
  • Very fast!
  • Good way to escape corner pressure


fwdLK “Star Crash”

  • hitbox extends behind his feet too! (crosses up)
  • causes juggle
  • can be used to get over projectiles
  • Special cancels

Notes: You can knock down opponent and then do this and get a crossup.


qcfP “Stray Hand[EX]

  • Projectile
  • LP high, HP low
  • EX fires high then low

Notes: ver2 patch increased start up time


HCB K “Stray Scaffold[EX]

  • grab
  • causes juggle
  • EX is instant and can combo.

Notes: v2 patch removed close range grab hit box.  It only grabs where the hands “grab” now (apart from EX version)


QCB P “Hate Knuckle” [EX]

  • Multihit attack
  • multiple hits
  • HP ver has slower startup
  • EX has more hits but also same startup as HP
  • super cancellable

Notes: -1 on block for HP version? AWESOME

RDP P “Darkness Collision” [EX]

  • reversal
  • LP has extremely quick recovery
  • HP has longer start up and perhaps no recovery
  • causes ground bounce juggle
  • EX hits low with a stomp first!  Stand to block!
  • At max range, will causes opponent to crumple

Notes: follow EX with super or crouch LP or…


dwn+LKLP “Dark Quanta”

  • Teleport
  • Does not have invincible startup
  • Follow with:
    • bk Teleport back
    • fwd Teleport forward

Supers & Climax

qcfx2 P “Verse Ray” [Max]

  • Projectile
  • Max version is bigger
  • Use for most juggles
  • Can be used as anti air
  • After “stray hand” use this to punish rolls or jumps or even counter projectiles


qcfx2 K “Meteor Verse” [Max]

  • Max is reversal?
  • LK is close
  • HK 3/4 screen
  • Anywhere OTG (?)
  • Must be blocked standing!


HCBx2 P “Grudge Dimension[Climax]

  • Running hit grab
  • covers 3/4 screen
  • slow start up but does rise above the ground
  • it’s a hit move so it will ‘grab’ airborne opponents


Best Combos

Generally after v2 he’s harder to use.  He should use Verse Ray super in the corner and Meteor super midscreen.

Here are the spam friendly combos.

  • HK > hcb LP
  • 177
  • cr LK > cr LP x2 or stand LP > rdp LP
  • 141

Optimal Ground

0 bar

  • cr LK > cr LP x2 > stand LP > rdp LP (usually causes crumple)> dash > far HP > fwd LK > rdp LP
  • 275

1 bar

  • cr LK > cr LP x2 > stand LP > rdp LP (usually causes crumple)> dash > far HP > fwd LK > 
    • qcf LP 264
    • qcf LP xx qcfx2 P 372
    •  xx qcf LK = 298  ! doesn’t connect midscreen
    • rdp xx qcf LK = 393- 406 but is dodgy to connect!

When going for the crumple combo, have patience when cancelling the stand LP into rdp, you can’t just mash it, but there seems to have relatively a lot of time to cancel it.

1 bar

  • far HK > MM > HK 2hit > hcb KK > dash > HP> fwd LK > hcb PP
  • 327
  • HK > HCB LP xx  qcf x2 HK
  • midscreen only! 299 Use LK super in corner to get 268
  • HK > rdp LP xx qcfx2 LK
  • 254

2 bars

  • Far HK > MM > HK (2hit) > RDP PP > qcf x2 PP
  • 446
  • HK > MM > HK > rdp PP > qcf PP
  • 420
  • HK > MM > HK > hcb KK > HP > fwd LK >  qcfx2 PP
  • 401

Fun combos from grab

0 bar

  •  HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK,  RDP LP
  • 190 (158 corner)
  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK, qcf LP
  • 175 anywhere
  •  HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK, HCB LP
  • 157 (158 in corner, 203 coming into corner)


1 bar

  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx qcf x2 P
  • 319
  • (mid screen) HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK, HCB LP > qcfx2 LK
  • 287
  • (corner) HCB K > Far HP > HCB LP > qcfx2 LK
  • 250

2 bars

  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx qcfx2 PP 
  • = 433
  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx qcf x2 HK
  •  = 333


3 bars

  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx HCBx2 PP
  • = 568
  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx qcfPx2 xxqcfKKx2
  • 508
  • grab > MM > climax
  • 446

4 bars

  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx qcfLPx2 HCBx2 PP
  • = 686 (without grab it’s 731!) (corner)
  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLPx2  xx HCBx2 PP
  • = 670
  • HCB K > Far HP > fwd LK > qcfLP xx HCBx2 PP
  • 568




Check this out because Rosa found you can combo after the crumple!


Quick Guide

  • rdp LP the hell out of anything that moves and always input the motions to cancel into qcfx2 KK
  • Use CD cancelled into rdp LP / qcf HP / hcb HK / hcb HP
  • Mix with far HK, poke with cr and stand LP
  • Land that grab and then use the safe jump or roll in!
  • If opponent is too good with reactions:
    • bait a whiff and punish with HK combo
    • crouching LP, pause, crouching LP into combo


Verse’s moves all have recovery and can be rolled in order to punish. His rdp P reversal is certainly not invincible and like Leona’s can be punished on startup.  However, it has very fast recovery on block.

His hands grab move is a grab in all respects, and so can be jumped, and even ducked.

He can move forward using the guard point in his HK or just use fwd LK.  Cancel the fwd LK into rdp P and you’re happy but again beware of anti airs.

Whatever you do, don’t use stand HP to punish!!  It’s an overhead so use HK!

Rule of thumb: don’t whiff any moves.

Simple Flow Charts

  • 1.   spam RDP (do not whiff) then when it hits, cancel into qcfx2 LK (will miss if opponent too far)
  • Bait them to jump with cr whatever, then back to step 1
  • push them into range then command grab them and combo
  • cr LK, cr LPx2 puts them into range for grab  (they can jump to escape though)
  • punish anticipated moves with fwd LK or HK or far HP> fwd LK > combo
  • Once they are wary of the grab, this flow chart becomes useless.

Full / 3/4 screen

  • qcf P
  • if they jump or roll >  qcf x2 P or qcfx2 LK or even climax
  • if you predict they will throw a projectile > qcf x2 P
  • if they throw a projectile that collides with yours close to them, then do qcf x2 P, which will register as super cancel and blow them up
  • Watch the video


  • Stand HP > jump > crossup air HP

Really shouldn’t be using HP but where’s the fun in not using it?

  • crouch HP from far (2 hit) qcf HP – safe. If they roll you can throw them.

You mix this with fwd LK for kicks.

  • cr LK cr LP LP hcb LK > HP fwd LK >  rdp A
  • > roll will crossup > combo
  • video

This is nasty nasty as you will wake in front or behind – but they just can roll out!

Okizeme summary!

Safe Jumps

Situational Responses

Zoning crouching HP 2hit into qcf HP (not LP!)

  •  if they roll you will throw them!

Opponent doing some funny stuff on the other side of the screen?

  • Get into 2/3 range then qcfx2 HK lol
  • Bait them with rdp HP and follow with rdp LP haha

Opponent blocking everything? Try this guard breaker:

Still want more? Here’s an hour of Verse knowledge stuffed into this tutorial by Inferno Kong


Strategy Guide by TrulyaMiracle

Verse, a growling character and easily the laziest KOF boss design but one of the more interesting ones gameplay-wise. With a halfscreen command grab that goes into a combo, Sagat style fireballs, teleports, and fullscreen Bison slides among some huge normals he has a playstyle that’s very interesting and very unique overall.

Verse is a very “backwards” character, his style is very odd and can be very confusing if played correctly.
He’s only been played as point but i think he can be used second or even anchor as well.

Verse’s pokes aren’t the best, but he has quick get in tools and zoning options so he doesn’t have to rely on them.
Far D (21f/-2) and CD (15f/-9) and cr D (12f/-4) are his main options.
Far D is slow but goes really far and it has autoguard, his main and only real poke.
CD is the one of the furthest reaching CDs, it’s a bellybash that goes halfscreen. Can combo into his fireballs or fireball super from anywhere Wallstick. Has a big hitbox and can anti-air in some spots, worth learning it’s range.
Cr.D is a super quick slide and has 3 versions depending on the input (db.D is close, d.D is mid range, and df.D is around 3/4s of the screen), not safe but it’s MAX cancellable.
Rdp+P can also be used as a “poke” but generally it has other purposes.

His anti-airs are far C (14f/-12), far A (7f/-2) and Rdp+P
Far C is a rising uppercut that moves him forward, slow but has a big hitbox and cancellable into f.B.
Far A is pretty good and cancellable as well. Whiffs on crouchers.
Rdp+P is a downwards punch with his flying hands, covers a lot of space and can anti-air hops and jumps.

His air normals aren’t the best but they’re useful in their own way.
J.C (11f) is a double punch, hits both sides. Very good cross up tool but whiffs on a lot of crouchers.
J.B (9f) is the other cross up to hit crouchers.
J.CD (12f) doesn’t have a lot of range and it’s slow but it’s hitbox is solid. Can be used to start offense.
J.D (11f) and j.A (5f) are his jump ins, they have a lot of range as well.

His gameplay revolves around his stray hands command grab (21f), this move goes almost halfscreen, it’s a grab so it cannot be blocked and catches rolls as well. It puts the opponent in a bubble and you can combo after it for big damage. Far C f.B whatever is the go-to.
It’s range makes being in mid range a bad idea against Verse and you’re always at risk of getting snatched.
This opens up that whole range for Verse to go ham and to punish bad attempts in jumping or trying to create space from him.
EX stray hands (15f) is quicker and the bubble moves closer to Verse once it catches you. It also combos from cr.C and cl.D where you can’t combo the regular version. You can also tick into it from a MAX cancel, super tricky.

Rdp+P is his other important special, this move is nuts. A (10f/-5) C (28f/-9). It’s quick, hits overhead, can anti-air and it does a hard knockdown. It’s also safe-ish (very hard to punish).
Can cancel into Rain of hands super to OTG.
EX version (13f/-8) does a low stomp into the punch, so it’s a low into overhead but with a big gap so it’ll only hit people that have never seen the move before.
It also does a ground bounce so you can combo after it.

Qcf+P are his projectiles, slow on startup and recovery but they go fullscreen. They’re like Sagat’s fireballs. A (16f/-13) is high and duckable, and C (19f/-2) is low. EX (17f/-22) does 2 back to back ones.
Cancellable really late into his fireball super to catch jump attempts and fireballs from the opponent.

Qcb+P is a badass walk with a flurry of punches. A (19f/-15) C (31f/+1). If spaced this move is pretty safe and does mad chip, mainly his C version. It has a long animation however so it’s very open to guardcancel roll for a full punish.
Does a sliding knockdown. The punches cancel projectiles.
EX (25f/+1) is quicker and does even more punches.

D+AB is a teleport, once he disappears you can choose to move forward by pressing F, back with B, or stay in the same spot if you don’t press a direction.
It’s invincible when he disappears and has little recovery, but it’s not invincible from frame 1 so meaties will beat it.
Useful to avoid zoning and in some shenanigans.

F+B (24f/-5) deserves a mention coz it’s pretty solid, goes pretty far and hits low (which is stupid coz it looks like it should overhead but whatever..). Can also anti-air far jumps if they’re in it’s path (not consistent by any means but it’s there)
If cancelled into you can combo off of it into Qcb+p, qcf+P or Rdp+P.

Fireball super (qcfx2 +P) is a big projectile super (6f). Can be used a combo ender, to punish jumps over your fireballs, or to punish zoning.
It’s also invincible and Verse’s go-to reversal.
EX (6f) travels quicker and does more damage.

Rain of hands (qcfx2 +K) is an OTG super, sends hands from the sky. B (24f) hits close and D version (23f) hits far.
EX (12f) somewhat tracks and hits all over the place but not fullscreen.

His Climax (hcb+2 +P ) is a dashing attack (13f/-30). Mainly a combo ender really but it’s invincible for a bit so you can use it as a reversal.

His combos are straight forward, nothing too complicated

-Cr.B cr.A cr.A Rdp+A
-Cr.B cr.A cr.A cr.A far A Rdp+A (1 hit crumple) dash far C f.B delay Rdp+A
-Far C f.B Rdp+A, qcb+A in the corner or delay the Rdp+A
-Cr.C MAX cr.C EX Hcb+K far C f.B Qcf+C xx Fireball super
-Cl.D MaX cr.C EX Rdp+P far C f.B Rdp+A xx OTG super

-cl.D (7f/0) is 2 hits and both are cancellable, cr.C (9f/-5) can be replaced with this in the above combos.
-during his blockstrings, cr.A (5f/+3) can be cancelled into stray hands for a ghetto reset. It’s better on hit as it leaves less time for jump or reversal attempts.
-If it connects at max range, Rdp+P will only hit once and cause a crumple, if you’re quick enough this can be combo’d off of into far C f.B. The best combo to get the spacing right is mentioned above, the main point is delay the cancel off of the far A to get the maximum spacing possible.
-After Rdp+P, doing a roll or ff+roll can be a left/right mixup, depending on the timing and space you can end up on either side and it’s pretty ambiguous.
-f.B on grounded opponents knocks down, in blockstrings you can do it and it’ll go over crouching and some standing opponents and cross up. you can cancel into back teleport then hyperhop j.C for a crossup after. Really ticky as you switch sides a lot during this whole thing.
-f.B cancelled into stray hands will tick on block. Mixing it up with Rdp+P makes it tricky where staying still means stray hands will catch them, but if they try to jump Rdp+P will catch them instead.
-cl.C (20f/-10) is a slow overhead that knocks down, can combo into OTG super.
-It is possible to be a total asshole and combo EX Rain super into another EX Rain super. Does stupid damage and will definitely piss the opponent off.


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